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Hi, I’m Mary Allen, author of The Power of Inner Choice and a Master Certified Coach (MCC), currently awarded to the top 1% of all coaches worldwide by the International Coach Federation.

As an experienced life coach, business coach and career coach spanning 20+ years, I’ve helped well over 1000 high-achieving clients, business owners, distinguished professionals, celebrities, busy moms, coaches, authors, transformational leaders and even a couple billionaires – create and enjoy greater success and inner peace in their lives, careers and businesses.

Imagine a relationship with someone…

  • Where YOU are the center of focus.
  • Who will help you clarify your goals, values and purpose so you can live into your highest potential — in every area of life. 
  • Who helps you automatically summon a calm, confident and serene sense of inner peace any time you choose while you’re working or playing.

  • Imagine you get to talk to this person every week, to celebrate wins, breakthrough limitations and challenges, clarify goals and next action steps, listen fully and hold you accountable to achieving your desired results and living your best life.

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Let’s talk one-on-one about what you want to create in your life, business or career. Request a sample coaching session.  All my coaching is personalized, one-on-one coaching, over the phone, with one agenda…. supporting you in achieving your desired results faster and easier.

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