You’re in the right place if you want to breathe easier and truly enjoy life to the fullest — while accelerating the process of achieving your most important goals.

Did you know virtually anyone can enjoy the same inner peace and awakened states as Zen monks while enjoying material success? We call this…

Living in the Sweet Spot

Most people don’t believe BOTH success and inner peace are possible simultaneously.  They tend to lean on one more than the other, sabotaging their deepest inner peace and highest potential.  Pursuing success without inner peace leads to burn out, always grasping for more and never fully able to enjoy life.  The resulting stress, overwhelm and anxiety negatively impacts health, well-being and relationships. But you can have both.

Imagine living a life of freedom, flow and fulfillment…

  • Ecstatically enjoying every single delicious moment of the day — no matter what the day brings.
  • Achieving your goals and living more into your highest potential — in every area of life.
  • Having the tools to automatically summon a calm, confident and serene sense of inner peace any time you choose while you’re working or playing.
  • Living in the present moment while creating far-reaching impact in the areas of life most important to you.

When you embody that elusive balance between your “beingness”
(the Yin – aka “Inner Peace”) and the “doingness”
(the Yang – aka Success), we call it “living in the sweetspot.”

That’s the recipe for creating your best life!

I’m Mary Allen, author of The Power of Inner Choice and known to many as America’s Inner Peace Coach. All my formal training, results and client recommendations have earned me the accreditation of Master Certified Coach (MCC) currently awarded to only the top 1% of all coaches.As an experienced life and business coach spanning 20+ years, I’ve coached well over 1000 high-achieving clients, business owners, distinguished professionals, celebrities, busy moms, coaches, authors, transformational leaders and even a couple billionaires – to get clear, make powerful changes, and create far more meaningful results in their lives and businesses.

Clients experience exponentially more inner peace — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so they can enjoy a life of freedom, flow and fulfillment, as they consciously live into their highest potential.  This is living in the sweet spot!

Having the tools to live every day
from a place of inner peace is
like hitting the accelerator on your best life.

3 ways for me to coach YOU to greater success and inner peace.


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If you’re not enjoying all the success and peace-of-mind you desire, and know you’re not currently living into the highest version of who you were meant to be, you’re likely experiencing challenges in three key areas.

  • 1. Inner Peace. Let me support you in getting out of your own way, owning your power and embodying your best self, so you can find, keep and deepen inner peace 24/7.
  • 2. Success. Getting clear about what’s next and closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be so you can consciously create your best life out of inspiration not desperation.
  • 3. Living in the Sweet Spot and resolving the conflict between enjoying material success and true inner peace.


Focusing on inner peace without living into your true potential results in struggle to provide financially for yourself and family,  settling for less than you desire or neglecting a higher calling.

Embodying both success and inner peace challenges us to higher levels of consciousness and results in living more into our highest potential fueling life purpose and our greatest contributions to the world.

Imagine yourself embodying the exhilarated aliveness
that comes from living in the sweet spot.

It is my privilege to guide you toward greater success, while you simultaneously surrender into inner peace and create your best life.  It all begins by downloading:

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