Secrets to Profound Peace & Soaring Success

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The secret to thriving personally

and professionally in any economy
is the ability to easily tap into your
inner peace — no matter what.

Dear Friend,

Today, even the brightest and most grounded people feel tested and challenged in new ways as financial markets collapse, government dances in gridlock, and drama is at an all-time high. Almost everyone I know is feeling financial pressure and stress as only our grandparents experienced during the 1930’s depression. It’s emotionally exhausting, isn’t it?


When the stresses of the world infuse us, it can influence the domino effect of unhealthy habits indulging in the wrong foods, choosing mindless TV over exercise and sabotaging self-talk. All that contributes to strain in relationships, with our energy, momentum and productivity compromised — which ultimately has a negative impact on the bottom line financially. Yikes!

Sadly, every area of our life affects the others,
whether we like it or not.

We’re either spiraling upward or spiraling downward. Which direction are you headed?

The good news is – you’re at choice each and every moment. You get to consciously choose the direction of your momentum, instead of allowing outside influences to direct your inner and outer worlds.


So, what are you choosing for you?

Talking about the choices we make brings to mind a disturbing conversation I had with a colleague recently, that I’d like to share with you. She’s been a very successful life and business coach for over 20 years and an avid student of personal growth. However, despite her vast breadth and depth of knowledge and skills, a lot of what once had her life singing is failing her. She’s gotten away from her best self-care practices and grounding rituals that once kept her balanced, sane and happily productive. Her crystal-clear visions are fuzzier than ever, and procrastination is permeating her over-scheduled life. How could this be?

With a tighter economy, her business has taken a hit, contributing to soaring debt and financial pressure. Plus, she’s now managing care for two aging parents, dealing with emotionally charged siblings, and trying to sell her parents properties. The extra responsibilities gouge her workout schedule. And, on top of all that, her husband’s business is taking a beating, creating further strain on their 6 year marriage. No wonder her normally grounded, healthy, balanced and fulfilling life has fallen by the wayside.

How are you navigating these tumultuous times?

Does this sound familiar? We’re all facing personal tests these days. None of them trivial. Many facing hardships beyond my friend’s story. If you’re one of them, my heart truly goes out to you. Suffering in any way is painful.

Realize that how you meet your challenges and maintain a balanced life is a choice. Whatever you choose, taking inventory in this moment is the first step.

These times are challenging each of us to step up, show up, and own up to our lives in a fresh new way.

The question is – are you up for it?

And if so, how can you most effectively navigate these energetically

challenging times with greater ease, success and inner peace?


What I’m about to reveal may sound so simplistic, you might be tempted to disregard it. But, I assure you — there is ONE ingredient that can make a gigantic difference in your life.

Would you like to know what it is?

A “solid personal foundation” is the most critical element required to navigate tumultuous times and create sustainable forward momentum.

If you’re a long-time student of personal growth, you may know exactly what I mean by a “solid personal foundation.” If this is a new term for you, let me explain.

The best metaphor is a house. When building your dream home, it’s essential the house is built on a framework you can rely upon. That means a clear blueprint, perfectly laid concrete slab (as your solid foundation), expert plumbing and electricity (to allow reliable flow and access to power when you need it), wall and doors providing boundaries to protect, and an environment free of toxins. If anything is compromised – earthquakes, hurricanes, heat, rain and pressure (inner or outer) make your home vulnerable to damage, invaders or even collapse.

It’s also imperative to have a builder who knows exactly how to create a first-class home, and avoid costly mistakes.

In building your dream life, a solid personal foundation is also needed to withstand the storms of life – difficult people, financial pressure, unexpected challenges, drama and new opportunities. Your personal foundation is not about wood, nails and concrete. It is about the right practices and habits, systems to support your success, and boundaries to allow you to be your best. A solid foundation also means having consistent access to your greatest source of power, creativity and intuition. That means, having a crystal clear vision, listening and trusting guidance, being present to each moment, expanding and deepening your awareness, removing draining “tolerations” and taking inspired action almost effortlessly. Stellar self-care, “emotional muscles” and brutal honesty are all musts.

solid foundation

You’ll also need skills to reliably navigate difficult situations, and help you quickly return to your power center when life throws you a curve ball or your head gets muddled with stressful thoughts.

When your “personal foundation” is solid, it’s easy to stay focused on your most important goals and handle inevitable obstacles with grace. You’ll naturally feel inspired, fulfilled and peaceful along your journey. As a result, you’ll find relationships deepening, business and careers thriving, health and energy soaring and life flowing more easily and effortlessly. Many people report feeling more “on purpose” when their personal foundation is strongest.

Unfortunately, you can’t hire someone to build a solid personal foundation in your life in the same way you can hire a builder to build your dream home. However, you can lean on the expertise of a coach or coaching program, like mine, to guide you every step of the way.

But, you’ll need to do the handy-work yourself.

While I can’t promise it’ll be easy breezy every step of the way, I can promise this. If you do the inner and outer work, you’ll create momentum in the direction of your focus!

You can turn things around and create fresh momentum
in just 30 days.

Whether you’ve been a long-time student of personal growth like my friend, or are simply ready to take control of your life, I can give you the keys to strengthening your personal foundation in just 30 days. Of course, if you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of these keys for a lifetime.


While there are thousands of exceptional books, audio programs and seminars available; there isn’t another “coaching program” out there designed specifically to guide you in strengthening your personal foundation, supporting you in creating the success, inner peace and fulfillment you want.

And I’ve made it an easy-to-use, self-guided format that you can use again and again.

Will you allow the compounding effect of choice
to change your life?

When we purchase a set of life-altering yoga or exercise DVD’s, we all know they are of little value sitting on the shelf. When you watch the DVD’s and DO the exercises, your body is positively impacted immediately! But, the biggest pay-offs come when you commit to the exercises over time, allowing the “compounding effect of choice” to kick in.

The same applies here.

You’ll definitely want to listen to each lesson of this program. But, the real power comes when you DO the exercises over time AND listen again and again.

As you grow, you’ll naturally hear added distinctions which will build upon your ever-strengthening personal foundation.

I’m ready to guide you in creating a solid personal foundation, so you can create your best life ever!

Mary & John WeddingHi, I’m Mary Allen, America’s Inner Peace Coach and “Life Coach Mary” to those who know me.  I’m author of The Power of Inner Choice and host of Conversations with the Masters, interviewing best-selling authors including Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Ken Wilber, Caroline Myss, Dr. David Hawkins, Debbie Ford and countless others.

For the last 19 years I’ve been coaching people just like you…(along with numerous millionaires and even a couple billionaires) supporting them in accessing more joy, cultivating their own quiet strength, and handling challenges that get in the way of a fulfilling and peace-filled life. My passion is helping “conscious achievers” experience greater everyday inner peace, as they realize their goals and full potential. And that means having a solid personal foundation!

Mary & CruzerI’ve lead numerous live events including my 5-city Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour and 5-day Inner Peace Immersion Retreat. And, I’ve lead dozens of group coaching programs including my well-known, yearlong, Success and Inner Peace Boot Camp.

Out of this collective experience, I’ve assembled the most comprehensive, program to strengthen your personal foundation so you can thrive in any economy while enjoying greater inner peace — no matter what shows up in your life. The keys to PROFOUND PEACE and SOARING SUCCESS are at your fingertips.

Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success

Your Path to Freedom, Flow, and Fulfillment

Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success is an exclusive program for “conscious achievers” who know how essential a solid personal foundation is to their success and inner peace. If you value being on the leading edge of personal and spiritual growth, are committed to living your best life, and are ready to strengthen and deepen your personal foundation, this unique program is for you!

Each time-tested lesson has been taught and refined countless times as the core curriculum of my highly raved about “Success and Inner Peace Bootcamp” where participants invested $1000-2000+ to access this priceless information in a group coaching setting, over one year.

After adding several new modules and updating this life-transforming program, based on my continued research, the most exceptional lessons were recorded for you.

SPPSS_Product Image

The most comprehensive personal growth program available!

You’ll receive 30+ hours of rich, thought-provoking information you can listen to at your own pace. Listen to them all at once, or pace yourself over 12 months (2 lessons per month). It’s up to you.

That’s the beauty of a self-paced home study program.

While the lessons build on each other, each lesson stands alone. So you can confidently jump to the topics of greatest interest. This allows you to customize the program to meet your specific, time-sensitive needs and strengthen your personal foundation quickly in the areas needing it most!

Going through a life challenge? No problem. Simply refer to the most related topic. Minimize suffering. Maximize momentum.

You’ll also receive “Special Study Guides,” thought-provoking worksheets, and exclusive handouts.

And, it’s ALL available for a tiny investment, that will pay dividends for a lifetime!!!

Listen AGAIN and AGAIN — at your convenience!

Clients and members tell me they get something new out of each and every listening because they are so packed with life-enhancing content.

Here’s what others say about Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success.

“I have found an inner peace that I never knew existed
and have reduced my stress level by about 90%”

cindy-holbrook“It’s amazing how much my life has changed since finding Mary and signing up for Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success in May 2010. I have found an inner peace that I never knew existed and have reduced my stress level by about 90%. I have also found more love, confidence and self-value in myself. My personal and business relationships have expanded as a result. ”

Cindy Holbrook
Ridgecrest, CA
Certified Divorce Coach


“Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success
is a fun way to stay focused on what matters most.”

carol steinberg“What I can say about working with Mary is that for an Awakened Being, she is totally approachable, transparent about her own processes–for real! She really cares about people beyond any monetary benefits to herself. My first reactions to her were quite skeptical, and I didn’t hide this. She didn’t let that get in the way of going all out to help me in any way she could. Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success is a fun way to stay focused on what matters most with a caring, insightful coach.”

Carol Steinberg
Los Angeles, CA


Here’s what you’ll learn in over 30+ hours of listening as you strengthen every aspect of your personal foundation:

* How to align physically, mentally, emotionally, physically with your vision so you magnetize your heart’s desire more easily and effortlessly.

* How to create “sustainable inspiration,” the magic ingredient you need to stay energize and focused on your most important goals all year…so you actually realize them.

* How to exponentially increase your ability to be present so you can…tap into your intuition and creativity with ease, connect more deeply with loved ones, access your greatest source of power…and enjoy greater everyday inner peace (ahhhhhh!)

* Exactly how to design your perfect “daily rituals” for greater success (and inner peace). One of the most essential ingredients!

* 12 easy ways to shift from a low to high-energy vibration in seconds. This wisdom will help you spend less time suffering and more time “in the flow.”

* Recognize conscious and unconscious resistance impeding your success and inner peace and how to relax resistance for optimum flow.

* One simple, yet life-altering key to double, triple or quadruple energy in your life. (And who doesn’t want more energy?)

* How to easily distinguish between the controlling, restrictive influence of the ego — and allow your “Higher Self” to guide you, so you can navigate moments of indecision with confidence and clarity.

* 5 keys to identify and strengthen the “emotional muscles,” so you can attract success and inner peace easily and effortlessly and align 100% to your deepest desires and dreams.

* Recognize and embrace your gifts, strengths and value without getting a big head.

* 5 ways to expand your ability to receive, so you don’t unconsciously resist your most important goals.

* 10 keys to quickly return to inner peace… in minutes. Remember, suffering really is optional. Having the skills to quickly find your center is essential to your well-being.

* Break the “minimizing self” habit once and for all. HINT: Minimizing yourself is a major power leak that doesn’t serve you.

* The magic of taking inspired action. So you can effortlessly make progress on your most important goals with integrity.

* How to overcome fear and Ego, so they serve you and don’t run you.

* Creating your inner peace vision, address your biggest inner peace culprits and 7 keys principles to access inner peace. Inner peace is synonymous with your inner power.

* Eliminating the 7 most common obstacles, distractions, and culprits that impede progress and success. Let’s get these handled once and for all.

* Simple remedies to get you out of “stuck” and into “momentum!” It’s easy when you’ve got a treasure chest of skills at your fingertips.

* One of the single biggest key to experiencing greater freedom, power, fulfullment and inner peace, that almost no one is talking about. And, it’s super easy to do in any moment.

* 6 ways we unknowingly create added stress and suffering in our lives. Just knowing these will radically change your life forever and give you greater sanity. Stress is optional when you understand how it’s showing up in your life.

* 8 Ways to transform limiting beliefs (and stop reinforcing limiting beliefs sabotaging your success, relationships, health and inner peace).

* 7 simple strategies for releasing stressful thoughts in minutes or seconds.

* How to instantaneously detect when a stressful thought is lurking, and how you can avoid its damaging consequences. (Most people truly don’t realize when these pesky thoughts arrive on the scene.)

* 2 surprising characteristics that can take a harmless thought and make it destructive, caustic or violent.

* How to “surgically remove” the most pain provoking thoughts without anesthesia or bleeding.

* How to alleviate stress, increase efficiency and exponentially expand inner peace in your life by designing effective systems and allowing yourself the room you need to grow.

* How to radically transform overwhelm, and free up loads of precious time and irreplaceable energy with an easy 3 step formula for taking a project from complex to simple. 

* 10 simple strategies for owning your power more fully. Plus, why it’s easy to resist our power (you’ll be surprised at the hidden payoffs that keep us stuck, procrastinating and comfortably uncomfortable).

* Mastering extreme self care to create a space for you to THRIVE! This is another bigger on your path to a rock solid personal foundation.

* Taking inventory of the single most important relationship in your life — the ONE you have with yourself. (This one lesson was the game-changer for one of my students.)

* When and how to set critical boundaries in your life, and why it’s essential to your well-being and your personal foundation.

* What is means to fully accept all of who you are. (That means, the good, the bad and the ugly). You’ll receive simple assignments to work through any blocks.

* How to use your “reactions” to create greater Spiritual Wholeness. Yes, our reactions can be our best ally!

* 6 Keys to expanding unconditional love to yourself (even in the times it seems MOST difficult).

* How just ONE spiritual principle applied to every area of your life can radically impact your inner peace. Another mind-blowing exercise!


* End of Year Completion: How to “bring out the old” and “bring in the new” to ensure
you create your best year ever. This completion process is something I’ve used with clients for 13 years.

* New Year Creation: Magnetizing your goals more easily and effortlessly with 4 key methods for clarifying your focus and visions. A MUST for bringing in the new year!!

* And more!

“She created a powerful space for me to grow as a
soul-driven business owner
– creating balance
and ways to grow.”

louise crooks“Everything Mary does, I love, so when I had a chance to participate in the Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success program, I was excited.  A wonderful way to get support and connect with like-minded individuals as well as have mentoring directly with Mary on a regular basis.  She created a powerful space for me to grow as a soul-driven business owner, recognizing the challenges that brings and sharing information on creating balance and ways to grow.  I can’t wait to listen to the calls I’ve missed – I don’t want to miss any of them!”

Louise Crooks
Atlantic Highlands, NJ
The KeytoClarity! Coach


“What I love most about these CD’s are the
real-world examples she shares and her
down-to-earth presentation style.”

colleenmcgCrooks”What I love most about Mary’s Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success CD’s (and all of her work for that matter!) are the real-world examples she shares and her down-to-earth presentation style. Mary’s concepts and techniques are always matched up with stories illustrating them and that makes it all so tangible and relatable for me. I appreciate her willingness to join us through your own personal stories too. This really creates a connection and brings the material to life. She offers multiple methods to fit a wide variety of people. It’s a beautiful thing when an expert shares their wisdom not from a place ‘above’ their students but from the space of ‘someone who’s been there and has learned’ … a place of expertise, yet … yet a place of joining, relating, sharing and caring. This is one of Marys greatest gifts!”

Colleen McGunnigle
Hampton Bays, NY
Graphic Designer


If you’re ready to strengthen your personal foundation so you can handle anything life throws your way – then Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success is a must for you..

Own This Valuable Library

SPPSS_Product Image

Just in case you’re not sure if this package is worth your while, I’m adding the following BONUSES to make it even more enticing!

You’ll Receive This Exclusive
“Inner Peace BONUS Bundle”
Value = $318.85

You won’t find these resources bundled together anywhere else. It’s the perfect concentrated dose you need to strengthen and fine-tune your personal foundation, immediately fueling greater success and inner peace.

This is all yours when you purchase the Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success. I want you to get accustomed to being overwhelmed with value.

This “bonus bundle” is my way of making an offer you can’t refuse! And, it will give you the exact guidance you need to radically increase your inner peace quotient!

BONUSES:  I’m going to start by giving you $200 off any future Inner Peace Immersion Retreat!  In just 5 days, you can…

  • begin cultivating “inner peace” as your predominant way of being
  • learn effective tools to help you quickly return to your peaceful power in any moment
  • learn exactly how to reconnect to your reservoir of inner peace when you feel depleted

But, you’ll also receive… 


oneThe Power of Inner Choice:12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love (Soft Cover Book)

This gorgeous 365 page book is the perfect guide to coaching yourself to greater success and inner peace with powerful exercises, inspiring examples and practical tips. Based on12 timeless lessons including:

* Lesson #1 – The Power of the NOWad_inner_choice
* Lesson #2 – Good Vibrations
* Lesson #3 – Spirit vs. Ego
* Lesson #4 – Your Heart’s Desire
* Lesson #5 – Taking Inspired Action
* Lesson #6 – Eliminating Obstacles
* Lesson #7 – Expand Your Ability To Receive
* Lesson #8 – Embracing Reality
* Lesson #9 – Releasing Stressful Thoughts
* Lesson #10 – Taking Responsibility
* Lesson #11 – Being You (all about Loving Yourself Fully)
* Lesson #12 – The Path of Simplicity

In Chapter 3, The Compounding Effect of Choice you’ll see how the “simple disciplines” and “simple errors in judgment” are shaping your life. Every choice counts.

In Momentum, you’ll take each lesson in the book deeper as you integrate its principles more fully in your life. (And The Power of Inner Choice is just ONE of the resources to complement this self-guided coaching program. Also, when you order in the next 30 days, your book will also be personally autographed.


twoThe Power of Inner Choice:12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love (E-Book version)Inner Choice eBook

Receive immediate access to the FULL e-book version of The Power of Inner Choice.

All the powerful lessons described above delivered to your email inbox via PDF as soon as you purchase the Momentum Mastery Home-Study Coaching Program.


threeCD #1:”Secrets to Everyday Inner Peace”

SecretsOn this power-packed audio, I address the most pressing and burning questions about experiencing everyday inner peace.

* Receive a concentrated dose of the best tips, strategies and guidance to help you find and inner peace in any moment, so you’re prepared to handle anything that comes your way!
* Immediate access MP3 recording
* Complete transcript in PDF format
* CD of “Secrets to Everyday Inner Peace” shipped to your home


fourCD #2 – “Inner Peace for Conscious Achievers”

IP4CAIf you consider yourself a “conscious achiever” you’re someone who wants all the joys of success, yet have a sincere desire for something deeper. Yet, no matter how many books you’ve read or seminars you’ve attended, we ALL get caught up in reactive emotions, at least occasionally. On this call (and CD), you’ll learn how to use 6 powerful questions to re-ignite momentum and transform “stuckness” in minutes, no matter what is going on externally.

* Immediate access to MP3 recording
* Complete transcript in PDF format
* CD of “Inner Peace For Conscious Achievers” shipped to your home


five“Your Daily Gem” E-Book
DailyGem207 Favorite Quotes to Enlighten and Inspire. Hand-selected quotes by Mary Allen.

* Beautiful layout to stir the soul.
* Thought-provoking quotes.
* Conveniently assembled to give your spirit a lift in seconds.

Taken from the popular “Your Daily Gem” email series.


“You will be astounded by what you can
and will accomplish.”

gaile burchill“There is NOTHING more powerful than committing to a year long program of focus and support on the goals most important to you. You will be astounded by what you can and will accomplish.”

Gaile Burchill
Spring Green, WI
Gaile Force Services, LLC


“This is an incredibly affordable way to
have a life coach experience.”

kristal jensen“This is an incredibly affordable way to have a life coach experience. The year-long commitment really put a level of integrity to my life that I didn’t think was possible for myself. There is a beautiful blending of spiritual and personal growth lessons and practices where we focus on being as well as doing, in all areas of our lives.”

Kristal Jensen
Burlingame, CA



“I am finding a whole new way of
‘being me’ in the world.”

stacy davenport“I am finding a whole new way of “being me” in the world. I was always focused on work and my role in the world. For the first time, I am finding my “value” and focusing on Extreme Self Care as my #1 Goal. I am extremely grateful for all that this Boot Camp journey is bringing into my life and feel so blessed to have the buddies that I have.”

Stacy Davenport, CPCC
Austin, TX
Feng Shui Your Life Consultations & Life Coaching



“Before Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success
I was struggling to balance family
and professional life after divorce.”

Wellington“Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success has been an integral part of my life since June 2010 and I have a full journal of notes and assignments to attest to that.  Before Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success I was struggling to balance family and professional life after divorce.  Profound Peace was just what the doctor ordered.  Mary gives so much on the live calls and is always inspirational. The sharing adds to the connection and helps shifts me out of my self-sabotaging patterns.  I have been stretched way out of my comfort zone and am doing things I never thought I would, including launching my own business.  Thanks to Mary and Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success I am living again!!”

Stephanie Wellington, MD
New Rochelle, NY
Life Empowerment Coach



checked-boxYES! I want the downloadable Momentum Mastery: Home Study Coaching Program on MP3, the PDF Transcripts, and the CDs.



“These CDs are an opportunity to listen,
and listen again…”

arthur piccinati” I’m both an audio and visual learner. Regardless, experts seem to agree that repetition is a key ingredient as well as discussing a concept that is either new or being revealed in a new light. The Momentum Mastery CD Collection provides both paths to learning.  If you’re hearing her ideas for the first time, or even if you’ve read them in her book, The Power of Inner Choice, the CD’s are an opportunity to listen, and listen again, to the dialogue between Mary and her phone listeners.  I benefit from hearing the ideas expressed clearly and directly from Mary, which would be enough to justify owning the set.  But when others add their insight or experience, it helps me to retain the concept in a way that is much more likely to change my behavior – and that is the point of all this for me.”

Arthur Piccinati
Paradise Valley, AZ

Piccinati Properties


Secrets to Profound Peace
and Soaring Success

SPPSS_Product Image

It’s Exactly What You Need to Strengthen
Your Personal Foundation for Your Path
to Freedom, Flow, & Fulfillment

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Building your personal foundation is like brushing your teeth. You can’t do it just one time and expect to remove all the plaque – from your teeth or your life!

If what you’re reading is resonating for you, I invite you to give yourself the gift of Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success today and take advantage of these special prices – only available for a very limited time.

Here’s to your success and inner peace,


P.S. Why am I offering it at this amazing price? Because I truly want you to master the lessons available here, and you can only do that by listening again and again. Allow me to coach you as you commit to creating a solid personal foundation, greater success and inner peace.P.P.S. You will be glad you have the time to absorb every piece of wisdom this coaching program offers. The leading edge of personal growth is at your fingertips. Access them every single day for the rest of your life.


This special pricing is only available for a very limited time.
And remember, you’ll receive $318.85 worth of extra bonus gifts.