Zen and the Art of Tax Season

Tax season and inner peace don’t seem like they go together. Unfortunately, for most CPA’s they don’t go together at all. Tax season and stress are just the way of life. But, not for all. John Mathias approaches his life and his tax season differently. And, he recently took some pointers from his dog Luna.

Last year, John named his tax season, “Zen and the Art of Tax Practice.” With an authentic intention and a few strategies, John enjoyed the 2006 tax season with remarkable peace and joy. Maybe one day he’ll write a book about his secrets.

This year, he wanted to take it to an even more Zen-like level. He started noticing his drives to and from work felt the heaviest in his day. Why suffer? But, what could be done?

John has two French bulldogs. This spring he enrolled in a training class with Luna. He started noticing how Luna would get so excited on the way to the dog park. Overflowing with anticipation and excitement, her tail wiggle-waggled ferociously. Her long, wet tongue hung out, while she alternated between panting and growing whimpers. By the time they arrived at the dog park, she was ready to burst out the door and seize the moment.

Being a smart man, John took note.

One day on his way to work, he decided to try Luna’s innate strategy for himself. What if he worked himself up for the beginning of his work day? While sitting at the red lights, he’d start breathing like a panting dog. He stuck out his tongue, mimicking Luna. As he got closer and closer to work, the whimpering grew and grew. He looked around eagerly, as the excitement and anticipation built. He even would’ve wagged his tail if he’d had one.

The first morning he tried this strategy, a client was waiting for his arrival. John was so fired up, he greeted his client with gusto. “Isn’t this a GREAT day!!?” “I’m so excited about today!” Energy and enthusiasm was radiating from every cell in his being.

His client looked at him. “We are here to do my taxes, right?”

Of course, John responded, “YES, of course!!”

Imagine if everyone at your company or business followed Luna’s lead. We would have one excited world. And, maybe we wouldn’t need to drink so much coffee.

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