What is Everyday Inner Peace?

When you think of “inner peace,” I bet you’re a lot like me, and you imagine the quiet stillness of meditation, spending time in nature or relaxing in the evenings or on weekends? Isn’t inner peace generally associated with a passive state-of-being, and not so much the
A – C – T – I – V – E state-of-being? And, who isn’t active these days? Does that means we can’t have “inner peace” now?

What is everyday inner peace?

Inner peace is NOT typically considered one of your basic “everyday” emotions like confidence, determination or discipline. Although, those on a serious spiritual path may arguably give more significantly more time and attention to “inner peace” throughout the day.

Regardless, I believe “inner peace” is an underutilized emotional muscle for most of us. Which frankly, is pretty darn sad.Why leave “inner peace” for only specific times in our lives? What if inner peace could be carried with us throughout the day? It just kills me that it’s considered “normal” to experience drama, stress, frustration and overwhelm in our everyday lives. Why does it have to be that way? When someone raises their voice, makes a mistake or the emails start piling up – the “natural” response is to recoil, judge, resist and step into an emotional defense of some kind.If the traffic is heavy, the weather oppressive, or airport security lines slow and long – complaining, irritation or gloominess again are the natural and expected human responses.Of course, none of these emotions feel particularly good for any of us. Yet, everything I’ve just named are simply everyday occurrences. Are we in trouble or what?!

Everyday Inner Peace is new way of living in the world. It’s hip. It’s happening. It’s NOW. Drama is so yesterday. I’m on a campaign to make it go extinct. I know, not an easy task.

So, what is Everyday Inner Peace all about? 

First off, Everyday Inner Peace is about recognizing reality for what it IS…and for what it IS NOT. (I’m going to have A LOT to say about this!) It’s a way of living that allows “inner peace” to be a predominant state of being, regardless of the external circumstances or external reality.

Everyday Inner Peace is about returning to relaxed bliss in minutes, instead of being caught unconsciously in an emotional pattern that lasts for hours or days. How quickly do you get stuck in an non-inner-peace state of being? Be on the look out for LOTS of simple strategies to return to blissful peace in minutes.

Everyday Inner Peace is about stillness in motion, as one engages in productive activities throughout their day. Everyday Inner Peace is about being true to your soul, expressing yourself with passion and letting go of tendancies to “people-please” or fear of judgment.
Everyday Inner Peace is mostly about remaining steadfastly connected to your sense of power and value in the world.

Hmmmm….can you imagine if everyone were walking around with “everyday inner peace?” This gets ME so excited! When we’re not busy having little wars between ourselves and the world, perhaps the bigger ones would also melt away.


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  1. Col @ gigablonde :: things to do in ny when you're [alive]

    Yaaay Mary! I love the description of what juicy, fresh wonderfulness we can expect to see on your new blog. You are EXACTLY the right person to deliver! You have been a resource for my own inner peace for so many years now, I am blessed … and now so many other people will be blessed through your spirit and your words too. I will visit often!


  2. Mary Allen

    Thank you Col! And, thank YOU for making this gorgeous “Everyday Inner Peace” Blog banner.

    Wishing you much inner peace in the days, months and decades to come.

    Thank you for supporting my passion!



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