The Power of Acknowledgment and Appreciation

Whether you are male or female, young or old… confidant or insecure, everyone LOVES to be appreciated and acknowledged.  Loves it!!

While we all love to be acknowledged and appreciated for, tasks and gestures we do.  What people crave even more is to be appreciated for “who they are”. That’s the stuff that makes them uniquely them… personal strengths and qualities, personality traits, idiosyncrasies, values and ideals. Qualities such as generosity, determination, integrity, honesty and quirkiness. Another powerful way to acknowledge another is by sharing with someone how you feel as a result of being around them……..such as I feel safe with you, I’m inspired by you, I feel adored by you.

SOULFUL CHALLENGE: For the next week, make it all about ACKNOWLEDGING and APPRECIATING your partner, or if you’re a super achiever, as many people as possible. Acknowledge the things they do for you, for themselves, how they look, and most importantly what you love about “who they are”, etc. Not only does appreciation feel good to those receiving it, it feels great dishing it out.

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