Spiritual Awakening: Ecstatic Moments of Integration

Have you ever suffered from a migraine headache?  If so, you know the ecstasy that arises when the gripping pain relinquishes control.  In the absence of suffering is an exhilarated sense of aliveness, joy, and peace.  It’s pretty ecstatic!

No, I haven’t been suffering from migraines.  I was just looking for a good metaphor to describe what happened to me a few weeks ago. Then, again last week.

I’m calling it “ecstatic moments of integration.”  Maybe you’ve had one or more of them in your life.  Maybe you’re about to have one. 


Mary Allen Joy - Spiritual Awakening: Ecstatic Moments of Integration

It’s not the easiest thing to describe.  But, I’m going to try because I want you to recognize these moments for yourself when they happen.  Or know you’re not alone if they’ve already happened to you.  They are a natural part of evolving as a conscious human being.

The simplest way to describe “ecstatic moments of integration” is a moment of profound clarity and peace arising after an intense period of challenge.  Some also refer to these moments as a “spiritual awakening.”

There are a few elements that tee up these “ecstatic moments of integration.”

1.  A challenge or disorientation.  Could be from a confrontation, divorce, layoff, serious illness, the death of a loved one, moving to a new home or even something joyous like getting married or having a baby or struggling with some aspect of your business or career. We might think of this metaphorically as a “migraine headache” with varying degrees of intensity. 

2.  Searching and seeking. In the midst of the disorientation or a “migraine headache,” you’re looking for clarity and peace.  Maybe it’s an answer to a  business dilemma you’ve been in.  Or finding that elusive “new” balance after becoming a parent or moving to a new city. Or stumbling into the answer of one of life’s biggest questions — Who am I?  Or Why am I here?  You might not even know exactly WHAT you’re searching for, yet are acutely aware there is something you don’t know and are hungry to find “it.”

3.  Heightened state of awareness.  Do you ever feel like the entire Universe is nudging you along life’s path with tips, useful distinctions and feedback arising organically through conversations, observation or events?  Even social media posts or comments, music, a random happening with a stranger or simple quote can add a helpful perspective to the challenge at hand when we’re in a heightened state of awareness. 


4.  Lots of inner transformation.  Perhaps we’re always learning and growing, though in periods leading up to an “ecstatic moment of integration” one is experiencing breakthroughs, aha’s and new insights in close succession.  The compounding effect of all the new shifts merge together into an even grander inner transformation.

I experienced my first “ecstatic moment of integration” at a Tony Robbins seminar over 20 years ago.   Since then, there have been many others, some more poignant than others.

In the last three weeks, there have been a couple.  Without going into all the details, let me try to describe the moment of recognition.

My mommy day was done.  The babies were in bed, and John was cooking dinner.

I walked into the kitchen in a rather blissed out state of being as I reflected aloud on the extraordinary day it had been. But it was MORE than just a fabulous day with my family.

There was an ecstasy running through my entire being. 

As I described each of the “magic moments” contributing to my ecstasy, the flood of blissful emotions intensified.  It wasn’t any ONE thing… it was the merging and integration of all the beautiful moments together. 
It had been an amazing day as a family, and I had a huge realization during dinner on the patio about being a mother.

And it wasn’t just about what had happened that day.  And it wasn’t about one insight. 

As I explained to John, it was NUMEROUS things… big and little…all merging together collectively.  Conversations with moms.  Inspiring posts and comments on Facebook.  Seeing powerful images of myself after doing a shoot for new business photos.  The branding work I’ve been doing behind the scenes.  Clarifying my business plan, and being okay with not moving as quickly as “pre-baby Mary.”  Making peace with how much I’m choosing to spend time as mom vs. my business.  My new confidence in setting boundaries with my littles, thanks to my amazing nanny support a few days a week.  New communication moments with my toddlers.  Listening to Rikka Zimmerman’s CD “Be the Change.” Shifts in my husband’s business.  And more.

Perspective. Shifts. Insights. Integration.

The result was re-orienting and grounding the new Mary, who happens to be a mother of twins.

One of the other “things” feeding into that “ecstatic moment of integration” was was donating 200 copies of my book “The Power of Inner Choice” for a charity event serving the homeless of skid row in downtown Los Angeles.  The photo below is a picture of a homeless man looking at my book.  Gives me goosebumps knowing my book is in a position to help people who need it. 

All this and more, collectively lead to this “ecstatic moment of integration.”

The best way to describe it is PURE PEACE.  It’s a profound acceptance and delight in all that is… and all that is unfolding.  Seeing things exactly as they are without resistance.

Since then,  I’ve felt more grounded in both my mommy shoes and business shoes 🙂  I know there is nothing to prove, yet full permission to live into my highest sense of purpose and best life possible.

In 2004, I had a different kind of “ecstatic moment of integration” during an argument with a significant other.  Again, it wasn’t the argument per se, but all the confrontations combined with honest personal growth work on my own, through audio programs and retreat’s the previous 3-4 months prior.  THAT “ecstatic moment of integration” is what sent me on the path of teaching inner peace. It was a pretty big one!   Some would call it a spiritual awakening.

I wrote about it in my book “The Power of Inner Choice.”

Several coaching clients have reported “ecstatic moments of integration” or “spiritual awakenings” too.  They seem to show up almost randomly, but really it’s the unexpected merging of many dynamics that allow these kinds of experiences to arise.

If you’ve had some kind of profound spiritual awakening, you know what I’m talking about.  If not, there’s a good chance you’ll be stumbling into your own experience soon.

Collectively they raise your energy vibration and you witness life and reality through a fresh set of eyes.  The entire world looks different after an “ecstatic moment of integration.”

If you’ve attended a transformative workshop, listened to a powerful audio program or read a book at just the right time in your life — you may have experienced one of these “ecstatic moments of integration.” It’s one of the reasons we keep attending workshops, purchasing new programs and digging deeper within ourselves. The ecstasy feels amazing!

These moments of awakening or “ecstatic moments of integration” aren’t the end all be all.  Life continues with its ups and downs.  And we continue to evolve and grow.

But, these poignant moments leave a residue of clarity and peace behind that we can choose to access again and again.  And ultimately, it makes it easier to find inner peace in any moment.

Have you had an “ecstatic moment of integration” or “spiritual awakening” of sorts?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.  Please share your moment in a short paragraph with us on my blog.

And h
ere’s to more “ecstatic moments of integration,”


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PPS:  I’d LOVE your comments, add to the conversation below!

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