Do you need some inspiration today?

Thank you, thank you for the warm reception to my return last week! I feel blessed to receive lots of special notes saying, “I was missed” and “happy to receive my newsletter again.” Nothing like a little acknowledgment to boost inspiration. Thank you for boosting mine!

Inspiration can come in many forms, shapes and mediums. A casual conversation. An email exchange. A recommendation. A book or blog post. A TV Show… “This Is Us” is a new favorite of mine. A movie. Songs. Social media post. Your children. Clients. Colleagues. A retreat or event. An audio series. Open-hearted communication or vulnerability. Someone’s strength, confidence, courage or integrity. An act of kindness. How someone handles a challenge.

Are you open to being inspired?

I try to be.

It’s just like anything. When you’re open to it, inspiration can touch you at any moment. I like to think I’m always open to be inspired, but I’m sure that’s an exaggeration.

And what is inspiration anyway? The dictionary says, “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative.” I always think of inspiration as being “called into action.” Sometimes that action is not a physical action, but a “shift in beingness” — a shift in how you show up or feel inside of you.

Here’s what has inspired me recently.

In Israel, I was inspired by my dear friend Olga to make homemade chicken soup and roast vegetables (ones I’d never to roast like cauliflower and broccoli). These have become staples in our home now.

I recently finished reading Michael Singer’s “The Surrender Experiment” and was inspired by how he surrendered so fully to the flow of life, consciously relaxing his own resistance along the way. And how he allowed everything life presented to him to be an opportunity to melt away ego and align even more fully with life. In addition to fueling my passion to find inner peace in any moment, it has resulted in welcoming opportunities and connections that I may have said “no” to. Each time I surrender to the flow of life, multiple gems arise.

While visiting a family member, their boyfriend showed me all the cool features of the FitBit, it’s ability to track sleep, steps, heart rate and more. I bought one. It has inspired me to get to bed earlier, get more sleep and notice what impacts my sleep cycles and REM. Since my mother has Alzheimer’s I was particularly interested in the research that revealed less REM can be a predictor of the disease. I’m also walking more, because it’s super fun to reach those magical 10,000 steps in a day.

Eckhart Tolle’s audios inspire me. Recently, “A New Earth” and “Becoming a Teacher of Presence.” It inspires presence, a different depth of being, peace and connectedness to all that is. Ahhhhhhhh!

On a playdate, MacKenzie’s mom inspired me. We were talking about how she handled a phase of tantrums with her daughter, and how that resulted in more respect and almost 100% eliminating tantrums and meltdowns. We’re now experiencing fewer and fewer meltdowns… and a whole lot less whining (though still a work in process with one of my strong-willed, spirited children).

My colleagues inspire me. In September, I attended Zhena Muzyka’s Empowered Author’s Academy to help me jumpstart my new book. I have so much clarity now, and when I sit down to write, it flows effortlessly.

I also attended dear friend Shanda Sumpter’s Zone Event last month to get my business mind fully engaged again… I went to get inspired, and I did! I’m writing my newsletter again, rehired a trusted VA (virtual assistant) and started accepting interviews again. Shanda also had Spanx as a sponsor and wore the sexy leggings on stage. This inspired me to buy several pair AND reclaim my hot and sexy side! BTW, men… Spanx are women’s leggings and make great gifts.

Several other colleagues are leading group coaching programs, and that has me flirting with the idea of bringing back my Success and Inner Peace Bootcamp in January. (Let me know if you’re interested). Thank you ladies for the inspiration!

At the gym last week, the song “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars was playing. Maybe you’re like me, and really take in the words of a song as though they are singing them directly to YOU. Or think, “If only a friend or client would heed the words of a certain song.”

The word of the chorus resonated…and I hope it does for you too, whether you feel you’re attractive or not. I was inspired to share it with you.

“When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change ‘
Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are.”

And this leads me to one of my other favorite sources of inspiration — children’s movies. Too many to name. Perhaps I’ll use other’s to inspire other posts.

Have you seen the movie Trolls? If not, I highly recommend it, even if you don’t have children or grandchildren. Many powerful messages. I should know, because I’ve watched or listened to this movie DOZENS of times in the past year. It also happened to be the first movie the kids saw in a theater.

There are 2-3 scenes in Trolls that I’ve sent to nearly every one of my clients, over the past year. Yes, it’s true! We all experience challenges, and sometimes they feel insurmountable. We’re overwhelmed and discouraged. We can’t connect to that normal gusto and zest for life. We want to give up. Can a clip from a movie inspire a shift inside of you too?

Let me introduce you to Poppy. She’s a troll. Trolls love to sing, dance and hug. All the time! Poppy is the epitome of optimism and joy. She’s off to save her 7 friends who were captured by the terribly grumpy Bergens (think big monsters). ENJOY this scene. Poppy’s attitude is contagious.

If you’re struggling with something, I recommend playing this video again and again and again, taking in the words until you own them. Especially these, “You can knock, knock me over, but I will get back up again.” This silly little video has inspired me again and again. And always gets a “thank you” from my clients who need a dose of inspiration from Poppy. I hope it inspires you!

Video #2 today features Branch and Poppy. Branch stopped singing, dancing and hugging long ago after his singing got his grandmother killed by a Bergen. He’s been “gray” throughout the movie. But, he’s a good guy, helping Poppy with her mission to save the captured trolls. In this scene, Poppy has given up ALL hope… and color. Branch helps remind her of her who she really is… her true colors. She eventually takes in his words, and in singing to her… his colors return too. (Wanted the full movie clip… but found this one). Take in the words of this song sung by Branch and Justin Timberlake.

Do you need to be reminded of your true colors? I have definitely needed reminders at times. Every time my kids watch Trolls, I stop and fully take in all the words — and sing it to my kids, and simultaneously wish everyone I know, including you, could take in the wisdom of these simple words to the depth of your being. I see your true colors shining through…. are YOU fully connecting to them??

Okay, that’s it for this week!!! Play these videos again and again if you need a dose of inspiration. And remember, inspiration is all around you.

Let it move you.
Let it change you.
Let it shape your life.
Let is support you.
Let it inspire you to be more of who you are.

Until next time…

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