Inner Peace Post-Surgery: Why not?

I had a little surgery today.

And… in those first few minutes of consciousness, a wave of gratitude and inner peace overwhelmed my entire nervous system. Almost to the point of tears. All I could think of was capturing this precious slice of life.

When was the last time you had one of those moments?

Seems like a rather personal share for my second blog post on “Everyday Inner Peace,” but I try not to argue with inspiration. And, I am lying flat on my back. What else is a girl to do?

Turns out the surgery was VERY worthwhile.

I had Stage II Endometriosis, which via laparoscopic surgery, they zapped off. They also removed a polyp and drained a cyst — creating a much happier environment for a fertilized egg to implant and grow into a baby some day. Very productive day if you ask me!

Tummy is a bit sore, mostly from the inside out. Not a good day for a round of sit-ups, or sitting upright. But, all is well.

My last moment of consciousness was right after I scooted onto the operating table in the surgery room. Then, POOF! “Lights out.” This must be what time travel will be like.

Now imagine, I’m in the post-op recovery room lying on the gurney, nestled under a blanket. The IV is dripping. As I “came to” with a fuzzy mind, an automatic flood of emotion had me smiling on the inside AND the outside. The nurses might’ve thought it was the drugs. Little did they know…

I was having an “inner peace moment.”

You know those moments, where you were simply overwhelmed with gratitude? The kind that has you noticing the tiny details and the every single element leading up to THIS moment?

HUGE gratitude.

Gratitude for being awake and alive. You know, not everyone IS alive or awake. After being unconscious for 90 minutes, it’s nice to come back.

Gratitude for the countless hours and years of training my doctor, anesthesiologist and all the nurses put in, so I could have my insides transformed in a matter of minutes. That’s a lot of hours of study, late nights and raw experience. Doctors sometimes get a bad rap. We forget all the blood, sweat and tears they invest to provide us with top-notch care.

Gratitude for all the colorful scrub tops, and the jazzy head covers all the nurses were wearing. It really does brighten up the post-op experience.

Gratitude to witness several nurses smiling and connecting with each other, as they simultaneously cared for me (and the dozens of other patients!) How beautiful to see people authentically “loving” their jobs.

That reminded me of just how grateful I am to do what I do…to coach, to support others, to witness non-surgical transformations on a near-daily basis. To inspire a greater sense of “everyday inner peace” in real lives. What a gift. How I wish I was always that connected to the passion I have for my life’s work.

Great reminder.

This triggered memories of the endearing wishes from the participants in my Success and Inner Peace Boot Camp, that flocked my inbox this morning.  Nothing is sweeter than receiving love and support from the “students” I lead.  Perhaps this is what triggered my “gratitude flood.” So grateful to have “students,” friends and family who care.

And, of course… gratitude for my husband John. Wanting his presence by my side. Appreciating his willingness to be there for me, with me. Finding a sense of acceptance that I had to wait an entire 45 minutes before they’d let him in to see me. I even enjoyed the sweetness of THIS longing, since it reflects his importance in my life. Sometimes we forget to appreciate “wanting” as a signal to what’s important to us.

This flooding in gratitude diffused the burning sensation on the right side of my tender belly. And, a little extra pain medication from the nurse helped too.

Who would think…a post-surgery-recovery could become a beautiful inner peace moment?

What “inner peace moments” showed up in your life today?

Keep an eye out for them. They are precious. And, sometimes they show up in the most unusual places.


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6 Responses to “Inner Peace Post-Surgery: Why not?”

  1. Fionas Smith

    Hello Mary,

    Having been where you’ve been today, I’d like to thank you for the magical moment of Inner Peace I’ve JUST experienced, reading your blog about today. Herein this sentence it be:

    “Sometimes we forget to appreciate “wanting” as a signal to what’s important to us.”

    How true. IN one small sentence, you just hit me with a tonne of bricks. Good ones. ha ha. Here I’ve been thinking my ‘wanting’s are trivial dribbles of a life gone by…and TAH DAH…turns out I needed a wee nudge to remember that those wantings are signals of the magic I’ve loved, nurtured and held so dear in days gone by. The fact that I may never be able to do or have those ‘wants’ fulfilled in days ahead matters not. Today, I am reminded of the joy created, and the adventures ahead in finding new ways to rekindle, discover and enjoy life this way again. Adversity is obviously adventure yet to be discovered, hmmm?

    Am experiencing a tremendously HUGE sense of well being in acknowledging this.

    So, my thanks to you. AND, wishes for a speedy recovery. May you not experience too bad a shoulder pain, gas and discomfort in the days ahead. Been down the exact road you’ve been down four times in my life and have two gorgeous children in the aftermath. Ironically, I found “child’s pose” particularly helpful in moments of post-laproscopic endometrial discomfort. All the best for the healing your body is doing, and my gratitude for you & your words being here in the wee hours of my morning.



  2. Arthie Moore

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for a fantastic life lesson.

    I really enjoy heart warming stories and love the lessons which are so simple, yet in our constant need to achieve, we complicate our lives and miss the plot.

    Your simple lesson of gratitude is Huge!

    One which I am constantly practicing and reminding myself in the face of every big or small occurence in my life.

    My motto in life is simple….”Life it toooooo exciting….!

    Not the sad one of “Life is too short!”…

    We do not know anything about life…we can only experience it as it comes…What we Can do though, is be grateful for what is shows and throws at us 🙂

    I am grateful for having read your story and am proud of you and your excellent writing style, which most definitely impacts peoples lives..

    Until the next time,

    take care and have fun!


  3. Eva

    Mary, Mary, Extraordinary!

    You are a walking talking example of what embracing Inner Peace can be for us all.

    No, you do NOT have to be in Inner Peace every moment. That’s ludicrous – but the intent to have it, to BE it, to stand in it so passionately as you do so well creates a HUGE space for others wanting the same to understand it is theirs for the asking as well.

    Love you sista!


  4. Michelle

    I’m very glad that your surgery went well.

    I felt gratitude yesterday when I pointed my camera at my loved ones, just enjoyed the day and the weather and being with good people. It was like a burst of happiness in my chest.

  5. Michelle H

    I’m glad you had that surgery! I had the same one (and a few others at the exact same time!). Nothing like cleaning out the baby room:-)

    I’ve been out of touch this summer–online that is–with so many fun relational activities in person; lots of friends visiting from all over…great to see your blog and all that you are doing!

    My best to you!

    Michelle Hess


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