Inner Peace New Year Practice: A 365 Day Goal

1174474_writing_in_an_agendaA 365 Day Goal. What? A 365 day goal? Yes. A 365 day goal is a year long commitment you make to yourself as a resolution with an ongoing commitment. Every year we set a variety of goals. Some can be achieved in a week, month, or quarter. Some goals take several years to realize. There is another category of goals that can only be achieved through consistent daily (or nearly daily) action. Working out, flossing teeth, meditating or reading books are examples of worthy “daily habits” or “daily rituals” or “365 day goals.”

The 365 day goal may also be something you decide to give up, much like many Catholics do during lent. Examples could be giving up swearing, alcohol, candy or a favorite unhealthy food. The result of your 365 day goal should deliver a positive effect in your life by its exclusion or inclusion — and by your year-long commitment. These 365 day type of goals are important for TWO reasons. First, we get the positive “compounding effect” of a simple discipline repeated over the course of a year. Secondly, we get to experience “discipline” for the sake of discipline. Cultivating will-power brings a sense of control and power, while it also tames the ego. Many spiritual practices encourage a simple discipline practice for this reason. It forces you to make deliberate and conscious choices throughout the year about that single discipline. And, the compounding effect delivers more value than otherwise random follow through. So, it’s a double win.
Want some examples of 365 Day Goals to get your creative juices flowing?

• Meditate Daily (a true 365 day goal — no exceptions)
• No Chocolate or Candy
• No TV (or 2 hours per week max…and really hold yourself to it)
• Average 5 workouts per week
• Floss Daily
• Say “I love you” to spouse or loved one
• No swearing
• Read 30 Books (I did that one year…and found myself reading 10 books in December!)
• No alcohol (one friend did this…and loved how he felt, so never started again)
• Save $_____per month (no matter what)
• Write down 25 Appreciations each day
• No French Fries or Fried Food
• No pasta / No breads / No Ice Cream / No cheese / No dairy / No red meat … or ?
• Vitamins Daily
• Walk dog daily (somebody furry will love this one)
• Make bed daily
• Wash dishes daily
• No fast food
• Yoga or stretching daily
• An act of kindness daily (you can always visit Denny’s a midnight to find people to be kind too)
• No complaining
• No gossiping
• Write in journal daily
• Express “appreciation” to spouse daily
• Hug at least one person daily
• No soda (I know some of you NEED to do this one)
• No coffee (replace with Green Tea)
• Read 10 pages of a good book daily
• Writing daily (great for writers!)
• Calling a loved one daily
• Visualizing a goal daily
• Sending yourself unconditional love
• Purposefully feeling JOY daily

You may also quantify your goal differently, to be more achievable, such as committing to working out four or five days a week (on average) for an entire year. The goal ought to stretch you, but still be doable. Don’t feel that you must do ALL or ANY of these…the point is to commit to ONE for a whole year — one that is perfect for YOU. Focusing on too many 365 day goals is counterproductive. Find something that resonates for you…and commit, really commit!! What would be the impact 365 days from now if you…?

Some goals become permanent, and others are just a one year commitment. Anything that I start to notice as a pattern in my life, that doesn’t serve me, I like to nip because I don’t like being controlled by something outside of me.

One year, Tony Robbins committed to working out EVERY day…and found himself on the exercise bike at 2am on some days. While he got in great shape that year…he also got the power of discipline. And, a great story to share.

Have fun with this. Feel free to share with me your commitment for the year, and maybe you’ll inspire other readers by your 365 day goal. Email me


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