Best Life: Veggie Smoothies – The Breakfast of Champions

Veggie Smoothies?

I know. It doesn’t sound instantly appealing.

But, it does scream, “healthy, healthy, healthy!”, doesn’t it?

I stumbled upon veggie smoothies through the fabulous world of social media. One day, while recovering from a minor surgery, I asked my Twitter friends what the best vegetables were to juice to help me heal more quickly. @Revell of, @HeleneLaurence of and @sunkitchen of all chimed in — and my education began.  First, I learned, it is the “greens” which are most healing…parsley, cilantro, cucumber, celery, kale, etc.

Our exchanges lead to learning a new abbreviation…GS.

GS = Green Smoothie.

I prefer to call them “Veggie Smoothies” — sounds even healthier to me, without focusing on the green color 🙄

Instead of “juicing” vegetables…you simply throw all the vegetables into the trusted blender (Vitamix is the best!), and flip the switch (with the lid on, of course!)

THREE advantages of Veggie Smoothies over Juicing:

1) You get ALL the nutrition and fiber. Nothing to throw in the garbage or disposal.

2) Faster to prepare. Simply chop and toss in your blender (it doesn’t have to fit into the juicing slot)

3) Clean up is WAY easier than a juicer.

In an effort to boost my nutrition and increase vegetable intake, after sitting on this wisdom for several months, I started making veggie smoothies.

Now, I’m addicted.

My “inner peace quotient” isn’t quite the same without my morning “Veggie Smoothie.” Knowing I’ve fueled my body with nutrients leaves me feeling fabulous about myself. I launch my day with energy. And, it’s the FASTEST way to ensure I’m getting my vegetables.  I love salads, but they do take longer to prepare — and even longer to consume (lots of chewing involved, ya know?).

It also ensures everything, ah, uh, er “keeps moving.”  You know what I mean?  I’m talking about BM’s or Bowel Movements. Nothing interrupts my inner peace more than being constipated 😥 .  In fact, the more inner peace takes a nose-dive, the harder it can be to “keep things moving.”

Not a pretty conversation. But, it’s true, isn’t it?

Well, Veggie Smoothies help.  A LOT. 😀

Are you getting inspired to make a Veggie Smoothie?

Here’s the combination I like best.

Mary’s Veggie Smoothie

1/2 cucumber
1/2 red pepper
1/2 lemon
1/4 avocado
1 celery stick
1 carrot
Handful of parsley
Handful of cilantro

Chop coarsely, and toss in your blender.  Then add about 1 cup of liquid (either water or apple juice).  I also add an optional 1 teaspoon of lemon flavored fish oil (for Omega 3’s).  Occasionally I throw in a few dried cranberries. Lately, I’m tossing in two scoops of Aria Protein Powder (Vanilla Flavor).

NOTES: The apple and lemon hide any of the “green” flavor.  I do find it plenty sweet with simply water.  So, if you’re watching your sugar intake, go with water only. The sugar from the apple, carrot and red bell pepper is plenty! My preference is organic whenever possible.

If you run out of a particular vegetable, it still works.  Mix and match the vegetables suits your taste, but remember the greens are what brings the BEST nutrition. I’ve also added tomatoes, arugula, cabbage, and mixed green salad.  I also tried wheat grass a couple times, but WHEW…be careful, it’ll give you a jolt like caffeine if there is too much!

Thanks again to Revvell, Helene and Kellie for your tutelage via Twitter! I’ve come a long way, eh?

Would love to hear your comments about making “Veggie Smoothies” and learn what other ingredients you enjoy.

Veggie Smoothies are inner peace fuel. Try one tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Best Life: Veggie Smoothies – The Breakfast of Champions”

  1. Maggie Ostara

    Great promo for veggie smoothies! Okay, so I usually either do fruit smoothies or green juice. Can you REALLY do a great smoothie with a regular blender, or do you need a Vitamix? Do you know? I’d like to try the green smoothies ~ and I’m a little hesitant about a green slushy. . . thanks, M

  2. Col

    After daily veggie smoothies at the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat, I can formally attest: These are AMAZING!! Delicious! What a welcome surprise and on top of that, a tasty treat. I just ordered some sort of smoothie-blender from Montel Williams (that’s what happens when you’re still up in the wee hours of the morning … infomercial issues! 😉 I am so excited to begin making Mary-style smoothies and getting super-healthy!


  3. Jan Burrelsman

    I’m with Col about the deliciousness of the veggie smoothies Mary made for us at the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat at the California Castle. I felt the cells in my body saying, “Thank you, thank you!” for the nourishment. The fruit smoothies were equally sumptious. Do we have the recipe for those??


  4. cynthai

    I do the veggie smoothy as well, but a slightly differnt recipie,
    cyanne pepper (great for you)
    real sea salt
    fresh pepper
    once frsh apple (makes it tast yummy and good for you)


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