Inner Peace and Choosing PEACE as Your #1 Goal

As you read this, I’m in beautiful Joshua Tree, CA … conducting my Inner Peace Immersion Retreat.  If you were unable to join us, I wanted to share this inner peace gem … an article from my very early archives:

Choose PEACE as your #1 Goal

I’ve always been the achiever type, and peace or “peace of mind” just wasn’t something I really aspired for.  I thought the pursuit of “peace” seemed wimpy and unexciting.  Since then, I’ve dramatically shifted my perspective, and I can honestly say PEACE IS my #1 Goal. I was inspired to take this on, by the book Effortless Prosperity and my friend Michelle who originally shared with me the idea of making “peace your #1 goal”… she is the epitome of happiness, joy and peace.

At the point I chose to take this on, I was at the peak of chaos, turmoil, and emotional distress in my life. I was feeling anger, resentment, rage, sadness, frustration and confusion. This didn’t exactly seem like the most logical time to begin making “peace” my #1 goal, but I was fed up with all the turbulent emotions, and DECIDED to go for it.

At first this wasn’t easy. But, I continued to search for that place of peace inside me, until I could honestly say I WAS FEELING PEACE. Since then, I’ve continued to make living from a state of “peace” a primary focus, and it has become easier and easier to access. The results have been amazing.  We are able to attract everything from a state of peace.  And, it surely is a much more fulfilling place to live from.

The emotional state of PEACE is one of the highest vibrational energies, as described in the book Power vs. Force by David Hawkins.

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