Goal Realization

Every year about this time, New Year’s Resolutions become popular.  Many people THINK about setting goals, and a few people actually write them down.  An even smaller percentage of people do what it takes to achieve them.  So, what is the difference between those who REALIZE their goals, and those who don’t?

1.  CLARITY.  CLARITY.  CLARITY.  It’s essential to know WHAT you want.  Clarity is power.  Clarity of outcome.  Clarity of strategy.  It gives us a place to FOCUS.  And, it sets in motion the Laws of Attraction.   Most of us have a good idea of the WHAT we want, however we don’t take the time to get specific enough about the target or strategy.  It’s true, the clearer you are, the easier it become to focus.  However, some people say having a clear outcome is enough, I say hogwash.  It’s rare for someone to accidentally lose 30 pounds or create a thriving business without having a clear and consistent strategy.  Get clear about your strategy, and be open to making needed adjustments.  Invest your time and clarify your objective and strategy.  Write it down.

If you’re not clear about your target, look to your values and passions for clues.  Set an intention to “get clear” about what’s not clear yet.  Spend the time to create clarity BEFORE investing too much in any one goal.  Use the exercises in the New Year Creation to create the CLARITY you need.

2.  DESIRE. DESIRE. DESIRE.  Do you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want your desired outcome?  A lot or a little?  You know your desire is high when you are taking ACTION!  If the action is sporadic or non-existent, work on getting connected to your desire.   If you’re eager to hop out of bed in the morning, desire is high.  It’s as simple as that.  Desire is what fuels goals and dreams.  Without a deep enough desire you’ll quickly run out of gas.  Consider altering your goal or vision to make it more compelling.  All great things are fueled by heart- moving DESIRE.

3.  FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS.   In our A.D.D. world it’s super easy to lose focus.  However, those who REALIZE their goals are constantly FOCUSING on them.  Keep your goals in front of you.   Look at them often.  What is your next most important action item?  Hold yourself accountable.  My most successful clients make it a ritual to review their goals on at least a weekly basis.  There is energy and inspiration in attention.  It may be necessary to eliminate a few things from your life if you find yourself frequently distracted.  Too many goals diminishes focus.  Channel your energy into action items that count.  FOCUS. FOCUS. FOCUS.

4.  ACTION. ACTION. ACTION. This is the biggest difference between those who create momentum, and those who flounder.  Once the vision is clear, thedesire is sufficient, and the attention is focused, it’s time to ACT!   As Nike says, “Just do it!”  If fear or apprehension lurk in the corner, acknowledge it and move through it.  Don’t waste energy on thoughts of doubt, overwhelm or worry.  Every step toward your goal compounds.  Put one foot in front of the other.  Be WILLING to ACT.  There is tremendous joy in taking focused action.

5.  SUPPORT. SUPPORT. SUPPORT.  Have you ever noticed that those who ACHIEVE great things in life have a support team?  A business partner, a great administrative team, a mastermind group, a personal or business coach, a personal trainer, a workout buddy, or an inspiring community to tap into.   This is essential for numerous reasons.  Accountability tends to be higher when other people are involved.   My clients often report they get more done in the 24 hours before our coaching call.  Telling your workout buddy you’ll be at the gym can be the needed nudge to show up.  You’ll also receive more encouragement along the way with support.  There are opportunities to brainstorm and get feedback, adding to your best ideas.  You are likely to be more inspired to give the best of yourself.  I see this all the time in my bootcamp.  As one person shares their vision, an assignment or a win, it inspires others to go for it too!  Blasting through obstacles and challenges is always easier with support too.  I know how much more quickly I solve problems with the aide of my own coach!!  There are LOTS of ways to get the support you need.  Don’t try to be a hero and do it by yourself.  Get the support you need to excel.


Your clarity, desire, focus, and action are the basicingredients to goal realization.  Support offers the additional mental and emotional fuel to add to and sustain your momentum.  But, there is one final ingredient that could make or break your goal.

Let’s say two people have 30 pounds.  The goal is equally achievable.  The CLARITY is there – in outcome and strategy.  The DESIRE is off the charts.  The FOCUS is there.  They are taking ACTION.  And, they both have the SUPPORT.  What will make the difference? Commitment.  It’s the “umph” that ties it all together.  Why?

6.  COMMITMENT. COMMITMENT. COMMITMENT.  It’s the COMMITMENT that inspires a little extra effort, a little more willingness, a little more creativity, a little more resourcefulness, a little more ingenuity, a little more flexibility and a little more staying power.   It’s this extra little ingredient that makes the goal a MUST. Commitment over TIME and allows you to cross the finish line.  Just ask the marathon runner at mile 22 what keeps them going?  Of course, all of the above!!  Yet, without commitment, giving up becomes an option.  With true commitment, a power greater than you kicks in, and takes you beyond what you thought possible.  There is something magical and spiritual about channeled commitment.   Commitment draws out the best in you.

I’d love to see you realize all of your goals this year.  If I can help you clarify a goal or strategy, ground your desire, focus your efforts, hold you accountable to your actions, and champion you along your journey, please let me know.  The last piece will be born from your heart and soul.  Commitment is the one ingredient you can’t find outside of yourself.  See you at the finish line.

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