Everyday Inner Peace: It’s not about PERFECTION

One of the first and most important principles to recognize on your path of everyday inner peace, is this: “Right here, right now, give up the idea of perfection.” Seriously.

Ironically, striving for inner peace — 100% of the time — is a surefire way to experience unnecessary stress and suffering. I know this first hand.

When I finally decided to embrace “everyday inner peace” as the subject I wanted to take a stand for in the world, my husband said, “Well, that means, you’re going to have to be at peace ALL of the time.” Gulp. The pressure was on.

I thought he was right.

Turns out, just “deciding” to embrace inner peace 24/7 isn’t the magic bullet. Not that easy.  I almost gave up “inner peace” as my passionate purpose because I wasn’t able to do inner peace “perfectly.”  But, I didn’t.

I’ve since discovered a greater truth.

I’m human. And, I’m guessing you are too. We’re going to have moments where we experience heavier emotions like sadness, anger or grief.

And, if you’re on the female side of the population, you ALSO have hormones, which scientists confirm are correlated with an array of emotions. Pretending we’re above this is delusional.

And, as we’re evolving ourselves, addressing our “shadow” side and doing the inner work…reactions may occur. In fact, it is virtually guaranteed.

During my most significant spiritual growth period, when humanity was dancing with me in a full swing (or was it a tango?) – the suffering was actually magnified by own self-judgment.

It did not help one bit to say, “Mary, you know how to transform this…get to it.” Or, “If you’re really going to take a stand for inner peace, you CAN’T be doing this.” Or, “Mary, you’re a coach, you KNOW better.”  

I’ve since given up the notion that perfection is the goal.

Instead I’ve adopted a fresh outlook. Every reaction, emotional swing, or dip in energy is an opportunity to learn something. It’s an opportunity to apply my own “inner peace” processes. It’s not about perfection. It IS about shifting back to “everyday inner peace” more quickly than the last time.  Being gentle with yourself helps a lot.

I’ll be talking more about these processes in posts to come. They work amazingly well. And, they’ll work for you too. Stay tuned.


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  1. Michelle

    Is this a bit like meditation? When I meditate, I have to remind myself to not let my thoughts stray, get back to the peace.

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