There’s a buzz word of today.  It seems that everyone is always striving toward that elusive ideal of BALANCE.  Can it really be achieved?  The dictionary defines balance as…

  • A state of equilibrium or parity characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces.
  • A harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts or elements, as in a design.
  • An influence or force tending to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.

That state of balance or equilibrium is constantly fluctuating, between opposing forces. Sometimes A LOT and sometimes just a little.  Occasionally, we find ourselves in the “sweet-spot” of perfect balance, but it’s usually momentary.  I have “strived” for balance in my life, yet life is constantly in motion, coming out of balance the moment it feels “in balance”.  As soon as the house is clean or laundry done, a piece of clothing finds its way in the laundry basket, or a dish lands in the sink.   Even as we’re standing, our bodies are constantly making little adjustments so we don’t topple over.  Try it.  Just stand still, and notice how much movement is required.  Take it another step and try balancing on ONE leg.  Notice yourself sitting right now, and become present to the little movements that naturally occur to keep you seated upright.  It’s subtle, however – the mechanisms that allow us to balance are always working.

I realized that my frustration with some of the balancing postures in yoga, parallels my frustration to balance in life.  As soon as I accepted that “movement” and “constant adjustments” or “chaos” is a necessary part of balancing successfully, the easier “balancing” has become.

In standing or seating, perhaps the adjustments are small.  However, what if we allowed natural adjustments to occur in life – balancing between career, family, finances, fun, relationships and friends??  Accepting that the moments of “perfect balance” are rare, and fluctuation is a part of the process.  We can still work toward “balance”, and put attention on fun or family when we’ve been working hard.  Or focus on finances and organization, if that’s been neglected.  I challenge you to embrace the chaos that occurs between those moments of balance.  Notice how that impacts your life.  When I stop trying to force something to be different than it is, the results that follow always come more effortlessly.  Balance is more easily achieved when we let go of the ideal.  Something to think about.

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