Are you experiencing inner turmoil too?

My heart aches for the 10 innocent children who died as a result of the senseless school shooting last week. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Couldn’t help but think that IF the shooter had been taught how to find his inner peace and how to return to it in times of stress or inner turmoil… that maybe, just maybe those 10 souls in Santa Fe, Texas would still be alive today.

This is far from an immediate and comprehensive solution. Yet, educating and empowering children, teens and adults to manage their emotions, to self-regulate, is a vital component in preventing future shootings and easing suffering in the world. At the root of all violent acts is a human being struggling inside.

As a parent, teaching my children how to find calm in any moment is a huge priority. It’s a daily challenge. Sometimes it seems impossible. But, I know that being able to reconnect with our core power, and sense of inner peace is one of the greatest lessons I must gift my children and others.

I’m certainly not the only coach, author or teacher with this aim in mind. But in the years that come, I hope to do my tiny part in helping others experience less inner turmoil and exponentially more inner peace.


Inner turmoil can be the
reminder to return to inner peace.

Inner turmoil doesn’t always lead to violence. Gratefully, most of us have “safer” ways of expressing our inner turmoil. We crawl into our beds and hide, distract ourselves with TV and social media, over eat, medicate ourselves with alcohol or drugs, pr lash out verbally to a loved one. Okay, so we can argue these strategies aren’t necessarily “safe” per se.

We might also choose to talk with a friend (or vent, as the case may be) to release sticky emotions, workout, journal, meditate, get coaching support, walk in nature, breathe, pet a cat or dog, focus on gratitude, pray or self-reflect. We can lean on powerful tools like Byron Katie’s “The Work,” EFT, The Sedona Method, shadow work or the 6 questions in my “Inner Peace Reality Check.”

So you might be thinking… “Mary, I don’t really experience inner turmoil. I’m mostly good. This doesn’t apply to me.”

Inner turmoil comes in a variety of forms.

Inner turmoil comes in a variety of forms… with varying degrees of intensity. Anxiety, worry, self-judgment, fear, overwhelm, anger, depression, impatience and frustration are a small descriptive sampling. No one is immune. And, as I’ve mentioned before, resistance to anything creates a flavor of inner turmoil,even if only mildly annoying.

One way many avoid the inner turmoil is by keeping themselves busy, busy, busy. Doing more, more, more. And leaving little to no space for the light that is inner peace to be your friend and ally.

Last week at yoga, our teacher read the following poem and I want to share it with you.



What makes a fire burn

is space between the logs,

a breathing space.

Too much of a good thing,

too many logs

packed in too tight

can douse the flames

almost as surely

as a pail of water would.

So building fires

requires attention

to the spaces in between,

as much as to the wood.

When we are able to build

open spaces

in the same way

we have learned

to pile on the logs,

then we can come to see how

it is fuel, and absence of the fuel

together, that make fire possible

We only need to lay a log

lightly from time to time.

A fire


simply because the space is there,

with openings

in which the flame

that knows just how it wants to burn

can find its way.

Judy Brown

FromThe Art and Spirit of Leadership by Judy Brown.
Printed with permission.

If you’re like me, you get a lot of joy from doing, accomplishing and even being busy. And, as this poem reminds us, too much of a good thing can also douse the flames.

This poem inspired me to create a little more space in my pretty darn packed, albeit wonderful life. I’m enjoying the fruits of that space with fresh creativity, inspiration and passion.

5 Keys Inner Peace NOW

I have a gift for you.

This will help you on your path to exponentially more inner peace, and addresses many “inner peace questions” I’ve received. It’s called 5 Keys to Inner Peace NOW

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You’ll learn how to:

Partner with your inner peace headquarters.
(How to find inner peace)

Expedite your return to inner peace.
(How to return to inner peace)

Actively keep inner peace alive.
(How to more easily maintain inner peace)

Create from inner peace.
(How to balance inner peace with doing and achieving)

Eliminate and evolve through your inner peace stressors.
(How to deepen inner peace)

This last key also helps you target and address your sources of inner turmoil and outer stress, deal with nagging inner voices, emotional triggers and other annoyances in life. Our biggest work lies in this area of personal and spiritual growth, using those tender reactions to heal, expand awareness and create permanent change.

I’ll also address…

  • Why inner peace is something that deserves your attention.
  • Why most people don’t have inner peace.
  • We’ll also talk about easy and effective strategies for instantaneous inner peace (no matter what is interfering with it).

Simply click HERE and fill out your name and email address under my picture to instantly receive BOTH the ebook and MP3 audio for 5 Keys to Inner Peace NOW. 100% free.


I just ask this. After you download 5 Keys to Inner Peace NOW, please, please, please listen to it, read it, or pass it along to someone who needs it. 

Access Achieve Inner Peace Interview
with Hugh Liddle
on Sales Chalk Talk


As business people, our world is loaded with what seems like a gazillion stressors: overly full email inboxes, sales challenges, personnel issues, customer service goofs and financial concerns. Add to that some family or relationship troubles and the stuff that goes on in the world at large, like church and school shootings, the economy, the media, politics and more, and it can feel tremendously overwhelming! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. It really is possible to find inner peace in the present moment, no matter what’s going on. I was the special guest on this episode of Sales Chalk Talk and share some terrific ideas and strategies with you about how to attain inner peace.

What you’ll hear on this show is:

• The biggest single factor that contributes to stress, overwhelm and depression
• How you can take care of yourself during stressful times
• The simplest path to enlightenment, freedom and fulfillment
• How to find inner peace in any moment
• And MUCH, MUCH more!

Join awesome co-host, Murphy and Hugh Liddle as they interview me about achieving inner peace and have some fun along the way too! They were AWESOME!

That’s it for now.

Until next time, here’s to your success and inner peace.


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