9 Ways to Create More Energy in Your Life By Eliminating Tolerations

Wish you could double the amount of energy and time you have in a day?

Ever feel sluggish and bogged down, finding it difficult keep sanity and success soaring?

If you’re ready to feel more energized, creative and productive, then today’s feature is for you.  You’re about to learn one of the best-kept secrets to my clients’ success.  This simple idea, when applied, guarantees to radically free up your energy, cluttered mind and stress quotient so you can maximize your productivity and inner peace.

Every industry has its own jargon, and so does the industry of coaching.  If you’re not already familiar with the concept of “tolerations,” let me do the honors and share why dedicating time each week eliminating tolerations, is one of the most life-transforming commitments you can make!

What is a Toleration??

A Toleration is something you’ve been putting up with, putting off or not dealing with — that drains your energy.  It could be as simple as a button missing off your favorite shirt, a cluttered desk, or thank you cards you’ve been meaning to send.  When that “something” isn’t handled, just thinking about it zaps your already depleted energy.

Some “tolerations” are small and could be handled quickly, but get put off because they’re not urgent.  Procrastination is the breeding ground of “tolerations.”  There is also a TIME component to Tolerations.  The longer a “pesky little task” is “not handled,” the more energy is drained.

Tolerations come in all shapes and sizes.  Writing them down on a list is the first step in addressing these energy vampires and freeing up precious energy.

Let’s help you take inventory of 9 types of “tolerations” in your life, so you can start tackling them – one at a time, and create more energy in your life.  I’ve included examples to get you thinking.

1.  Clutter, Cleanliness and Organization is a big one!  Take a look at the piles of papers on your desk, overstuffed closets, messy drawers, refrigerator, dirty car (inside or outside), messy garage, etc.

2.  What needs fixing?  Are your electronics working?  Cell phone, stereo, computer?  Lighting in office?  Button missing from favorite shirt? Shoes needing polish?  Scan your office and home environments? Is anything broken???

3.  Maintenance Items.   Oil changed in car, teeth cleaned, light bulb replaced, clothes to dry cleaner, AC or Heat serviced, battery replaced in phone or clock, schedule haircut, etc.

4.  Unfinished Projects or Lingering To-Do’s.  Thank you notes to send, a proposal or presentation to prepare, shopping for X, update resume, sign up for Toastmasters, etc.

5.  Comfort Items.  What are you tolerating in your environment that’s affecting your comfort?  Example: Not having enough heat in the office (solution: new heater, or clothes to dress more warmly), no A/C (Solution: buy one, get a fan, wear shorts), loud working environment (Solution: noise-canceling headphones)

6.  Relationship Tolerations.   Does someone needlessly swearing, gossiping or over-doing sarcasm to the point of annoyance?   Does someone leave socks on ground, toilet seat up or wet towels on the bed?  Is your spouse constantly criticizing, whiney or withholds affection?  How do address relationship tolerations? Make a request. Set a boundary. Shift your mindset. Get support.

7.  Bad Habits.  Yes, sometimes we tolerate our own bad habits, which interferes with productivity and deeper fulfillment.  Examples: Watching too much TV, smoking, caffeine addiction, excessive alcohol, being late to appointments, oversleeping, staying up late, indulging in negative thoughts, etc.

8.  Health Issues. Not attending to your health is another type of toleration. Examples: Healing an injury, losing weight, not exercising, not having the right foods on hand, skipping meals, postponing a mammogram or other important medical exams, etc.

9.  BIGGER Tolerations.  This last category is for those nagging issues that don’t quite fit into the others, and generally aren’t simple fixes.  Examples: A challenging boss, client or co-worker; a chronic injury or illness, losing that last 10-20 pounds, cramped office space, not enough closet space, etc.   For BIGGER Tolerations you’ll need to get more creative, enlist support or think outside the box.  Still recognizing any “toleration” allows your subconscious to start attracting a solution.

Before you pull out your sheet of paper, and start writing, here’s another secret.  It’s not about handling ALL of your tolerations at once. That would be overwhelming!  Instead, simply focus on 1-5 tolerations to handle each week.  Just handling one per week for a year is 52 energy-draining tolerations done!

Coaching Assignment:

1.  Brainstorm 20-25 Tolerations present in your life.  What are the pesky little “undone” things draining your energy? Use the categories above to help you identify your pesky energy drains.  To make this super easy for you, download your Tolerations Worksheet here: https://www.lifecoachmary.com/tolerations.pdf

2.  Select 2-5 Tolerations that you’ll tackle THIS week.  Look over your list.  See which one or two “tolerations” would free up the most energy.  Start there.

Remember, it’s not about handling all the Tolerations TODAY.  Focus on the top 1-5 each week.  Progress happens over time.  Your “Tolerations List” should free you up, not bog you down.  NOTE:  Often “tolerations” start getting handled almost automatically once they are identified.

Clients who consistently commit to handling a few tolerations weekly, quickly discover how simple it is to free up energy.  Commit to eliminating “tolerations” each week.  Soon it will become a life habit you’ll be thanking me for.  Mark my words.

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  1. Grace

    I absolutely love this article… you communicated so well everything I have felt intuitively, have shared with my husband regarding our “to-do” lists. I feel tried when I ignore things, and feel better when i get them done – my hubby thought I was hilarious! I just read each point out to my hubby now, with a very big smile. Thank you so much for bringing such confirmation to me.


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