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Mariel Hemingway

Mariel is an Oscar Nominated Actress,
granddaughter to Ernest Hemingway,
Founder of The Willing Way and
author of 3 books including
“Mariel Hemingway’s Healthy Living
from the Inside Out.”

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* Do you struggle to find balance and inner peace in your busy world?

* Are you looking for the secrets to living a longer, more vibrant and meaningful life?

* Are you curious how one well-known actress, author, mother and philanthropist does it all?

During This Interview We’ll Explore:

* The four essential pillars to healthy living, and why you can’t neglect any of them.

* The secret to turning “healthy living” into an effortless lifestyle.(Yes, this is something you can do!)

* How to master creating silence and stillness in your life even if you have an extraordinarily busy schedule.

* Simple ways to nourish your body, mind and spirit so you can age gracefully and give your gifts to the world.

* How you can stay consistently inspired in creating your optimal level of well-being…from the inside out.

Note from Life Coach Mary:

Like most people, I’ve known Mariel Hemingway on the big screen as an Oscar Nominate actress on the big screen, admiring her beauty, grace and humor in various roles. Then, I saw her on The Rachael Ray Show as she debuted her book “Mariel Hemingway’s Healthy Living from the Inside Out.” She spoke of important insights about movement, home, silence and nutrition. Mariel’s simple, yet potent messages, grew out of her own necessity and desire for inner peace. Her grandfather and sister committed suicide; at times, her parents “seemed not to care enough to parent” her; she was struck with movie star fame at an early age; and she’s wrestled with eating disorders and control issues throughout her life. Mariel is a living example of putting these essential practices into place in the face of real life challenges. Thanks to social media, Mariel and I have connected Twitter on several occasions. Her core messages are so complementary to “everyday inner peace,” so it was a must to invite her to share her wisdom and experience on Conversations with the Masters.

About Mariel:

As the granddaughter of illustrious author Ernest Hemingway, Mariel appeared predestined to be well known and publicly recognized. However, at the tender age of 13, Mariel became famous in her own right when she made her silver screen debut in “Lipstick.” Four years later, her work in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” earned her an Oscar nomination. She has since made 30 films as well as numerous television appearances in series and as a host of environmental and humanitarian documentaries.

Now 47, Mariel is the mother of two daughters: Dree, 22 and Langley, 20. She is also the fond caretaker of anywhere from two to six delightful dogs at a time. For over 20 years, Mariel has been pursuing her passion for yoga and health and is now seen as a voice of holistic and balanced health and well-being. As part of that role she has lead wellness retreats all over America, sharing her insights about movement, home, silence, and nutrition. In 2003, Mariel published her powerful bestselling memoir, Finding My Balance, the insightful and inspiring story of her life’s journey as viewed through a lens honed by yoga and meditation. Her highly successful second book, Mariel Hemingway’s Healthy Living from the Inside Out (Harper Collins, San Francisco, 2007), is a how-to guide for finding and enhancing personal balance and health through the utilization of self-empowering lifestyle techniques. The book is a valuable boon for those who incorporate Mariel’s sage and thoughtful advice. Most recently, Mariel published her third book, Mariel’s Kitchen: Simple Ingredients for a Delicious and Satisfying Life, in which she offers you ways to easily and deliciously turn your kitchen into the heart of your home. Read more about Mariel’s latest book here.

Her latest exciting project is Mariel’s Kitchen… a company that will produce real food products with a real life message! Mariel believes that caring for the health of the body, mind and spirit is the first step in becoming conscious of the health and well-being of the environment that surrounds us. Eating real food, grown organically and locally, may help us get more in touch with who we are and how we interact with our communities. Begin educating yourself about Mariel’s message and her mission in the pages of this site and begin to build a bridge between how you care for yourself and your world.

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