CWM – Dave Pelzer

Conversations with the Masters


Dave Pelzer

New York Times Best-Selling Author
of A Child Called ‘It’, The Lost Boy,
The Man Named Dave, Help Yourself,
The Privilege of Youth and Help Yourself for Teens,
Recipient of The National Jefferson Award

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* Would you like to access greater resilience and leadership in your life?

* Have you ever felt like a victim and not known what to do?

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During This Interview We’ll Explore:

* What to do when you’re feeling like quitting on yourself.

* How to cultivate self worth and appreciation when it’s not in flowing abundance.

* What it takes to truly overcome adversity.

* How to harness your indomitable human spirit.

* Keys to everyday greater resliience.

* Tapping into your own leadership from within.

* Inside secrets of turning 19 years into an “overnight success”.


Note from Life Coach Mary:

For years I’d seen the book, A Child Called “It”. on the best-selling lists again and again.  But, I never bought it.  Then, in March 2007, I found myself at a Mega Book Marketing Conference hosted by Mark Victor Hansen.  Dave Pelzer was one of the keynote speakers.   I was amazed as I learned about the success of his books.  A Child Called “It”  was on the New York Times Best Sellers List for 6 consecutive years.   All 4 of his books have been #1 and were on the New York Times Best Sellers List at the same time.  No other author has come close to these records.   But, his accomplishments are secondary to who this man is – heart and soul – and the challenges he’s chosen to overcome.   I was inspired by Dave Pelzer in every cell of my being.  His message from the stage is one of leadership and resiliency.   Dave is more than a speaker and International Best Selling Author.  He is man on a mission.  He’s committed to giving, contributing and making a difference in the world.

I bought his books, and began reading A Child Called “It”. I couldn’t put it down.   To read Dave’s atrocious childhood abuse at the hands of his mother is soul piercing.  Yet, instead of giving up on himself, life and others, he’s done the opposite.   His powerful presence on stage rang in my ears as I devoured this book.   Knowing who this man is today while reading about his past experiences, is inspiring and emotional beyond words.

My yoga teacher passes out articles each week.  The week of the southern California fires, the article was by Dave Pelzer on “overcoming adversity.”  Re-inspired by his message, I knew sharing his message through my Conversations with the Masters series was a must.   Interestingly enough, those weeks Dave was busy in the trenches, helping countless families who’d lost their homes – in between his hectic travel and speaking schedule.   He’s a tireless giver.  Dave’s schedule is often booked a year in advance, and we were lucky enough to book him.  My heart is truly grateful that we will have one hour with Dave Pelzer.


About Dave Pelzer:

Dave has experienced a truly extraordinary life. He nearly died several times by the hands of his mentally disturbed alcoholic mother. Years later it was determined that Dave’s case was identified as one of the most gruesome and extreme cases of child abuse in California’s then history. At age 12 Dave was finally rescued and placed in a series of foster homes until he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at age 18. Even with all that was against him, Dave was determined to better himself – no matter what the odds.

As a member of the armed forces, Dave was hand-picked to midair refuel the highly secretive SR-71 Blackbird and the F-117 Stealth Fighter, which played a major role in Operations Just Cause, Desert Shield and Desert Storm. While serving on active duty and maintaining a rigorous flight schedule, Dave made time to give of himself. In 1990, Dave was the recipient of the JC Penney Golden Rule Award, making him the California Volunteer of the Year.

Some of Dave’s distinctive accomplishments have been recognized through a number of prestigious awards, as well as personal commendations from Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush. In 1993, Dave was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans. He joins a distinguished group including: John F. Kennedy, Anne Bancroft and Christopher Reeves. In 1994, Dave was the only American to be honored as The Outstanding Young Persons of the World! In 1996, he carried the coveted centennial flame for the Olympic Games. Dave was paid tribute as the recipient of the 2005 National Jefferson Award. Other alumni of this award include Colin Powell, Sandra Day O’Connor and Bob Hope.

Dave is the author of six inspirational books: two of which were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Dave’s latest book, Help Yourself for Teens deals with assisting young adults through real life situations. Dave’s first book, A Child Called “It” has been on the New York Times Best Sellers List for over 6 years and Dave’s books have been on the same Best Sellers List approaching 13 years combined. As an author, Dave is the first to have four # 1 International Best Sellers and to have four books simultaneously on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

Dave is a living testament of a self-made man, who as an optimist strongly exudes resilience, service to mankind, personal responsibility and faith in humanity. Dave’s unique and intriguing outlook on life, coupled with his “Robin Williams” like wit and sense of humor entertain and encourage all of us to truly commit to overcome any challenge, while living life to its fullest. For over two decades, Dave has dedicated his life to helping others . . . to help themselves. While many make excuses and seem pessimistic, Dave carries the banner in a nation where opportunities are endless in what he calls “The Greatness of America.” And through his work, you will too.