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Ariane de Bonvoisin

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* Are you transitioning through a change – health diagnosis, going green, moving to a new city or getting married?

* Do you ever find yourself resistant to change? (like the vast majority of people)

* Are you curious about the 9 principles needed for an optimistic mindset toward change?

* Would you like to learn the keys to navigating any “stuck point”?

* What is The Change Guarantee?

* What is the difference between people who successfully change, versus those who get stressed and stuck?

During This Interview We’ll Explore:

* The 9 principles needed for an optimistic mindset toward change.

* Empowering questions and language to use to become unstuck in minutes.

* The paradoxical role of acceptance as the key to change.

* How to combat change demons, those negative emotions that hold you back.

* Your “change muscle”. What it is? Where it is and how to use it.

* How to build a change support team.

* Connecting, reconnecting, and remaining connected to your higher self throughout change.

Note from Life Coach Mary:

There are a few people who shine simply when they walk into a room. Ariane is one of those women! Since 1998, I’ve been an active volunteer crew member for Tony Robbins and his extraordinary multi-day seminars. This is where I first crossed paths with the dynamic Ariane, as she’s been a distinguished Trainer with Tony for years. It was just a few years ago, when I last saw Ariane at an event. She had just learned been published in O Magazine on the topic near and dear to her heart – CHANGE. Specifically, Ariane was focused on change is those FIRST 30 DAYS. This year her book, The First 30 Days was finally released. Her company,, gives millions access to specific support on dozens of “change topics” — ALL for free.

About Ariane de Bonvoisin:

With Ariane’s experience in new media, she knew the impact it could have when used in the right way to help people, build community, and share information and resources. The Web seemed like the best place to reach people quickly. Ariane and her team are also committed to extending the brand from the Internet to books, mobile devices, television, radio, magazines, and newspapers.  The First30Days is a New York City-based media company focused on guiding people through all types of changes, both personal and professional. Ariane is both Founder and CEO of the company, which launched its beta web site with nearly 50 life change subjects in February 2008.

Prior to her launch of First 30 Days and her time at Charlie Rose Productions, Ariane spent a year as a Senior Advisor on a Humanitarian Project, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AFRICA. The project involved the top 100 photojournalists placed in the 53 countries of Africa on a single day

Her previous professional experience includes being tapped by Time Warner to become the Managing Director of a new $500 million digital media venture fund in 2000. The Fund’s mission was to take non-controlling equity stakes in early stage, potentially strategic, technology companies.

After acquiring a degree in Economics from the London School of Economics and International Relations at the age of 19, Ariane began her professional career at the Boston Consulting Group based in London. She worked in over a dozen countries during her tenure at BCG.

Upon receiving an MBA from Stanford University, Ariane moved to New York, and began working with media giants BMG and Sony Music. She held the position of Strategic Assistant to the Worldwide Chairman and CEO of BMG Entertainment.

Ariane’s duties at BMG involved presentations to the Board, updates on profit center performances, analysis of new business initiatives, review of budgets and business plans.  At SONY, her responsibilities included sourcing, evaluating, structuring and negotiating Internet deals for Sony Music and the Sony Venture Fund.

Ariane also is an accomplished athlete, having been a professional swimmer, a ski instructor, and completed a series of marathons and triathlons. Constantly seeking new adventures, she reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in January 2001 and accompanied a group of students to Antarctica in December 2002.

Ariane was also recently touted as an “up and comer” to Silicon Alley Insider’s annual list of the most influential folks in New York digital business. She has a monthly column in Redbook magazine,  is a Life Balance expert for Health Magazine and will be a contributor to Best Life magazine in December 2008. Her new book entitled, “The First 30 Days: Your Guide to Any Change” was published by Harper Collins in May 2008.