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Awakening: One Way To Remember Who You Are

mary allen and rikka - america's inner peace coach

Holy moly guacamole!  The past several weeks have been intense and transformative on so many levels.  Some of you already know it wasn’t typical “mother of twins” challenges.  I’ll share more details about “what happened” in my next post if you don’t know what I’m referring to.  Today’s topic is about one of the elements… Read more »

Spiritual Awakening: Ecstatic Moments of Integration

Mary Allen Joy - Spiritual Awakening: Ecstatic Moments of Integration

Have you ever suffered from a migraine headache?  If so, you know the ecstasy that arises when the gripping pain relinquishes control.  In the absence of suffering is an exhilarated sense of aliveness, joy, and peace.  It’s pretty ecstatic! No, I haven’t been suffering from migraines.  I was just looking for a good metaphor to… Read more »

Accepting YOU, Or Accepting Ego?

Accepting YOU, Or Accepting Ego? Accepting Yourself - Acceptance - Self Esteem

Ok, let’s face it. We LOVE it when everyone in our lives loves and accepts us unconditionally.   That’s a true friend, right?  Or is it…? When we’re running late or irresponsible, and they don’t give us a hard time.  When we’re a mess emotionally, and they listen to our “story”…over and over again, and continue… Read more »

Awakenings: My Awakening

I didn’t always have a concentrated interest in personal growth, expanding my consciousness or spirituality, mostly because I didn’t know such a world existed. However, I have always loved learning and improving myself; and I admit to reading magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan in hopes of discovering a hidden secret to happiness, being irresistible to men, achieving perfect… Read more »

Inner Peace: Embracing the Shadow Side of Inner Peace & SURVEY

To make sure you eagerly look forward to, read and get the most from my weekly communications helping you find, keep and deepen inner peace, I’d like you to answer 3 questions in this week’s mini inner peace survey.  (Your answers are 100% CONFIDENTIAL.) CLICK HERE – And now for today’s inner peace conversation…. Read more »

What is Conscious Living?

Conscious Living. These two words have infiltrated the world in recent years. What does it really mean to live consciously? For many, “conscious living” brings up a sense of community, like-minded individuals, or perhaps a feeling of peace and power. For others, “conscious living” is about “tree-huggers,” chanting and Whole Foods. Although I consider myself… Read more »