Inner Peace Video: God Wants You to Be Rich

Feeling stuck or blocked?

Many talented and gifted people feel that they have insurmountable barriers to actualizing their dreams.
This light and uplifting movie answers what you can do when you feel envious, think you’ve missed out, or it seems your dreams are too big.“God Wants You To Be Rich” is a thought provoking movie with the intention that you go forward without second guessing yourself any more about the fact that what you really want, wants you! It is a movie that gives you all the permission you may need to open your mind to receive rich ideas so you can go ahead and enjoy material and spiritual wealth.

This movie only has approximately 300 words, but it captures the essence of personal intention in a way you’ll never forget: Your gifts and talents are your blessings and you are meant to give them to the world through the dreams being dreamed through you!

Watch God Wants You to Be Rich

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