Truth-Telling Game

Intimacy is one of the most fulfilling aspects of relating with another. In opening oneself and revealing your innermost thoughts to another creates intimacy, understanding and deepens any relationship. The feeling of “being known” and “knowing another” authentically is fulfilling.

One fun way to stir up the intimacy quotient is by playing the “Truth-Telling Game.” It’s simple and easy, but not for the faint of heart.  It’s about connecting to your truth in the moment, and then sharing that with another. It can be played at any time by simply asking, “What’s your truth?” And, it’s a great way to connect with yourself, “What’s MY truth?”. The biggest key is to find the truth in your heart, not your head. That’s the difference between a “soul response” versus an “ego response”. The soul won’t lie, but our egos make up all kinds of crazy nonsense. Go for the heart’s truth. Then be open and ready for anything.

It’s important to note, that “your truth”, isn’t always “the truth”.  We may perceive situations inaccurately. That’s not bad.  It’s simply what is so.  “Be with” whatever is so, your “truth” in the moment, or your partner’s “truth” in the moment is neither “good” nor “bad”.  The truth can be messy at times. However, just “being with” another’s truth is healing and supportive.  Understanding, compassion, curiosity and love are useful tools to support you in this ‘game of truth’.  In speaking your truth – others can respond and clarify.  Also, when we speak the truth about emotions, we’re more easily able to “let them go”.  When you say “your truth is feeling sad”, just saying that begins the process of releasing it.  And, as each “truth” is spoken to, you can dig for deeper and deeper “truths”.  And, as the saying goes, “the truth will set you free”.

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