The Art of Surrendering to What Is

Oh my goodness!  It’s been a good 3 months since my last official “newsletter” or article to you. I’m a little embarrassed because I don’t like to let this much time go between personal communications. 

Simultaneously, I’m surrendering to “what is” because dwelling in guilt and turmoil doesn’t serve me or anyone.  Sometimes life is about surrendering to the flow life demands from us. And sometimes we get to more consciously direct the flow. Either way, we’re always at a choice.  If we resist those choices, it’ll rob your inner peace. Surrender to those choices and you’ll be smiling more along the flow.

I want to give you a little “state of the union” address to explain where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to and to let you know I haven’t disappeared 🙂
At least, not completely!


In early July, our nanny who was helping us out 3 days a week, sent us a text on a Saturday evening to inform us she was accepting a “dream job” and had to be on a plane that Tuesday. There was no time for even a goodbye :(.  Have to admit, my first response was mixed. On one hand, angry and frustrated, “How could she do this to us?  And to Shanti and Riser?!!!  No notice??!!  No goodbye?” Yet, simultaneously, I was relieved and excited! 

Thinking my little ones would be starting Montessori in the Fall, I wanted to maximize my precious time with them.  Instead of hiring another part-time nanny, we made the decision for me to step into the role of “almost full-time Mom” through the end of August. My husband John and an angel of a babysitter stepped in to cover while I coached my clients and handled scheduled commitments.

Then we decided to extend our 1-week vacation in August to 3+ weeks! To help us on the LONG road trip, we relied upon affirmations. This is a good one for inner peace 24/7.

Surrendering to what is - Shanti and Riser

The entire family, including our dog Cruzer, drove to Ouray, Colorado to spend a week with my father, brothers, and cousins.  We visited Silverton, Telluride, and the Hot Springs. Plus a couple Dinosaur museums on the way there and back.

Surrendering to what is - Shanti, Riser, Mary Allen, John in Telluride


Surrendering to what is - My family in Tabiona Utah

Then we drove to my Aunt and Uncle’s ranch in Tabiona, UT where we walked in the fields with horses, cows and sheep — and plopped little ones on tractors. We even attended a real rodeo!


Surrendering to what is - Shanti and Riser in Salt Lake City, UT


The next stop was 10 days in my hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah where we stayed with my cousin Heidi and her family. Shanti and Riser got to visit the zoo here for the first time, road a mini-bicycle with training wheels for the first time and had a blast playing with their cousins!


Surrendering to what is - Shanti, Riser and John riding a bike

Surrendering to what is - Shanti, Riser, Mary Allen and John with family

It was also fun to catch up with old friends and attend my 30 year High School Reunion! If you’ve ever seen “High School Musical” — you’ve seen East High School 🙂 Here I am in front of our school’s mascot… Go Leopards!

Surrendering to what is - Mary Allen at Old High School

We also celebrated Shanti and Riser’s 2nd birthday while we were in Salt Lake City with family.

Surrendering to what is - Shanti and Riser's 2nd birthday
Everyone was right when they said it goes fast. A few weeks ago Riser started counting out of the blue!  “…4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!” Shanti can do a handstand in the bathtub, with her feet on the side of the tub AND blow bubbles at the same time.  And, in the last few weeks, both repeat just about ANY word. Lately, they attempt to sing songs, like their new favorite from Frozen, “Let It Go!” and they love saying their “I love you’s” at bedtime… “I love mama. I love Dada. I love Pop. I love Grandma. I love Oma. I love Grandpa Andy. I love Cruze. I love Aunt Tracy. I love Uncle Chris. I LOVE PEOPLE.” It’s exciting to witness these little beings growth and development.  Soaking it all in.

After we were back from our travels, we started testing the water with Montessori School. I was expecting to be relieved to have a more regular work schedule, but something inside of me couldn’t put Shanti and Riser in school yet. It didn’t feel right for them or me! I knew they could adapt to being out of the house several hours every day, but every cell of my being felt the highest value for their stage of development was maximizing Mommy Time. 

Gratefully, our first nanny, who is attending nursing school, is able to give us ONE day a week, so I can continue to support my extraordinary coaching clients. And, I’m now a “stay-at-home” mom the rest of the week.  Not something I ever imagined I’d so enthusiastically want to do, but it feels so right. 

We’re doing a Mommy & Me Preschool one morning a week, jumping into a fresh round of swimming lessons and finding a new rhythm to maximize quality connect time, fun activities and keep some order in the household.  It’s quite an adventure. 

I have the utmost respect for mothers — whether a working mom or stay-at-home mom. Motherhood is demanding.  Almost daily, my inner peace gets tested, but every moment is a new opportunity to find my center and relax back into the best part of me.

So have I completely moth-balled my business?

Great question!

In a word… no 🙂

Fortunately, in addition to my ONE work day, Shanti and Riser nap for a good 3 hours most days.  It’s amazing what I can accomplish, as long as we don’t have house guests and visitors. Even writing newsletters! Whoooo hoooooo!

Here’s what I’m up to.

I continue to support my one-on-one coaching clients and spoke recently about “Inner Peace for Busy Moms” at a Mother’s of Multiples Club meeting. I’m also revamping my website, which I hope to unveil by the end of the year (it’s coming together, but NOT quite as fast as I’d like!) 

The Art of Surrendering to What Is - Mary Allen

I’ll also be leading a 6 week group coaching program starting in mid-January called “Inner Peace on Purpose for Busy Moms” (since I’ve earned a degree in this area over the last couple of years!) If you’re interested in participating — or know someone who would be, email me and I’ll share the details.

And, on October 21st at 1 pm PT/4pm ET, I’m the featured Master Certified Coach (MCC) on Gail Moore’s “Master Coaching” series where I’ll be coaching a client LIVE – and offering a special bonus gift that is typically only available for purchase. If you use the code MARYA, you’ll receive a 50% off discount.  You’ll also receive CCEU’s and the MP3 of the call when you register. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

There are also a few other surprises I’m working on, that I’ll reveal in time.

Every time I jump into my business, my heart fills with a passion to help you and others experience exponentially more inner peace. And often when I step back into mommy mode, I get a little sad because I want to do more.

But, then two sets of little arms wrap around my legs or neck, or I hear “mama, mama,” or a delighted smile welcomes me back, reminding me of another significant purpose in my life.

Surrendering to What Is - Mary Allen, Shanti and Riser

I surrender to having limited time.
I surrender to being less available to serve my community… for now.
I surrender to the flow that is alive right now.
I surrender to that little voice inside me, guiding the way.

I surrender again and again… and that feeds my inner peace until I have to surrender again.

Life is always bringing us opportunities to listen to our inner guidance, and honor our right path in the moment. I hope you’re listening to your guidance. I hope you’re surrendering to your path. And I hope each moment you surrender back into your inner peace. It’s there. I promise.

I’m still here. You’ll still hear from me, although not on a set schedule. I may still share links to things my colleagues are offering if I feel they offer significant value and a match for my community.

There is more “inner peace” support for you in the works.  

In case you missed the Inner Peace Survey I sent out a few months ago, or recently joined my community, here’s another opportunity to answer 6 questions. If you already took it, thank you!!

CLICK HERE to take this super short survey. 

Your answers will help ME and you.

Here’s to your inner peace — until the next time,


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