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Inner Peace with Joy

JOY is truly one of my favorite emotions, isn’t it one of yours too? JOY is a state of happiness or an expression of delight. Kids have great access to this emotion, and as an adult, somehow JOY doesn’t always feel “appropriate”. That’s ridiculous. JOY can be brought to everything you do throughout the day…. Read more »

Inner Peace with Integrity as Catalyst

Integrity has always been one of the qualities I admire and respect most in others.  The definition of integrity is: The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness. Simply put, someone who lives in integrity honors their personal values – actions and choices align with an internal code. There is nothing inside that… Read more »

Inner Peace for the Holiday Season

Are you ready to expand your joy and inner peace this holiday season? No … this is not some kind of a joke! You CAN have wonderful, blissful peace this holiday season. And I’ll be sharing my tips on this fun and inspiring complimentary teleclass / interview with my host, Marlene Lockwood: December’s Springboard Conversations… Read more »

Inner Peace with Ram Dass

Everything in your life is defined by the quality of your relationships: your relationship with yourself, your family, your co-workers, your spouse or children, your neighborhood, your planet and your inmost Self.  In this moment you have the opportunity to make one choice that will enable you to live in those relationships with more grace,… Read more »

Inner Peace Article – Making Stuff Up

What do you do when you don’t have all the information or communication you need with someone?  Something feels ‘off’, AND you haven’t spoken directly about it.  Maybe THEY didn’t return a call or respond to an email, plans to get together never materialized, or were cancelled unexpectedly.  Or suddenly all communication has disappeared.  Maybe… Read more »

Inner Peace with The Power of Inner Choice

Want greater everyday inner peace in your life? My book, The Power of Inner Choice: 12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love offers a personalized “inner peace guidebook” for coaching yourself to greater levels of awareness. Its powerful exercises allow you to INTEGRATE the principles in your everyday lives. The book is based on… Read more »

Inner Peace and the 7 Keys to Profound Happiness – #7 And EVERYTHING

I could go on and on about other elements contributing to my happiness (but this series is getting a bit long!).  When you’re profoundly happy, it seems that EVERYTHING is adding to it.  Some of the other biggies include laughter, living squarely in the present moment, aligning with reality (however it unfolds), being silly, snuggling… Read more »