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Inner Peace: 10½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #4 – Love Yourself to Pieces.

I met a very special lady in the “healing profession”, and her words branded me for life. “If everyone could just learn to love themselves to pieces“. They say love is one of life’s greatest medicines. And it is a medicine we need to administer to ourselves – generously. I believe that loving ourselves is foundational… Read more »

Inner Peace Strategy: 5 Minutes of "Doing" Nothing

5 Minutes of “Doing” Nothing – As a coach, I work with numerous over-achieving clients, who are super “doers”. Yet, amidst all the success, they desire more balance in their lives and are intrigued with the idea of “being” more.  BEING meaning… connecting more to yourself…or your soul. Perhaps you, too, desire more balance and… Read more »

The Power of INNER CHOICE: 12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love

“This book will forever change the way you make choices and experience life.” – Mary Allen, Author The Power of INNER CHOICE is a practical self-coaching guide for: Cultivating a greater sense of inner peace and fulfillment. Getting clear about goals, purpose and dreams, and taking inspired action. Transforming blocks, disempowering patterns & beliefs, stress,… Read more »

Inner Peace Strategy: PLAYFULNESS

With Halloween coming up this weekend … I thought we can all remember our PLAYFULNESS for more fun and peace! When you think of the word playfulness, what images come to your mind? As we step out of childhood and mature, the emotion of “playfulness” can become a foreign concept to our nervous system. However,… Read more »

Attention: Life Coaches, Business Coaches and Solopreneurs – This invitation is for you!

The Beyond Six Figures for Coaches™ Retreat Eva Gregory and Mary Allen November 6-8th, 2009 Carlsbad, CA Why Aren’t MOST Coaches Making It In Today’s Economy? Learn “The Insider Secrets” From TWO Master Coaches Who Enjoy Beyond Six Figures Income Attend This Exclusive, Intimate Retreat For A Fraction Of What You May Expect To Pay… Read more »

Inner Peace: 10½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #2 – Design your life around what's IMPORTANT

It’s one thing to know yourself, it’s another to DESIGN your life around what’s important. Start by determining what you LOVE that’s already in your life. There are aspects of your life that are already fulfilling to you – Congratulations! The more activities, people and time that is spent in alignment with your values, the more… Read more »