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Inner Peace… in the NOW

Finding Peace in the NOW… Monday, April 5th was my birthday. Typically birthdays are a day to take-off work, get a facial, pamper oneself and bask in celebration…right? Well, sort of. This year’s birthday came in the middle of LOTS of projects coming to fruition. Launching a 5-city tour, 4 JV calls next week, introducing… Read more »

Inner Peace Tip #5 – What are the Benefits of Being Calm for Type A's?

Aside from all the health benefits, including greater energy, slowing the aging process, reducing likelihood of disease, longevity, deeper sleep, greater enjoyment of every moment, more harmonious relationships, having greater access to your creativity, the biggest benefit for Type A’s is this – PRODUCTIVITY. Not to mention, you’ll be more pleasant to be around… which… Read more »

Inner Peace Tip #4 – How to Let Go of Your Stress So You Can Sleep at Night?

Set yourself up for a good night sleep, by planning the “wind-down” process earlier.  Think of getting a three year old ready for bed.  This means avoiding rigorous exercise late in the evening.  Avoid mental stimulation, such as business planning or television (just the emissions from a television stimulate the brain and can be enough… Read more »

Inner Peace with a Smile

Smiling at Strangers Several years ago, I would find myself, on countless occasions, in the grocery store or mall, feeling like a grouch and not wanting to talk with anyone at all. I’d tell myself, “it’s too big of a hassle to ‘be nice’ and friendly”, or I didn’t have the TIME or energy. FIDDLESTICKS! … Read more »