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Inner Peace Strategy – From Stress to Sanity: 5 MUSTS to Restore Balance Even if You're Working 12 Hour Days

Don’t underestimate the power of each of these simple “musts”: 1. Breathing. The more stressed you are, the more your body contracts. Instinctually, your breathing becomes shallow. You practically stop breathing. With less oxygen making it to your brilliant brain cells, stress rises. Fortunately, the fix is simple. Bring your conscious attention to your breathing…. Read more »

Inner Peace with Momentum

Let me ask you ONE question. What does every successful and peace-filled human being have in common? Take your BEST guess… A)   A Private Jet, Ferrari and a Beach House B)   LOTS of time spent in a Zen monastery C)   What? Success AND Inner Peace don’t really co-exist, do they? D)  A “Sensational Support Structure”… Read more »

Inner Peace and the 7 Keys to Profound Happiness – #2 Daily Gratitude

2.  Daily Gratitude. This isn’t a new concept.  However, putting it CONSISTENTLY into practice IS new, at least for me. At the Mega-Book Marketing conference, I heard Jack Canfield speak about the “gratitude rituals” of featured speakers in The Secret. Apparently, each morning before Rhonda Byrne gets out of bed, she connects with feelings of… Read more »

Inner Peace and Spring Cleaning – Move 21 Items

Feeling stuck? In a holding pattern in your work, health or relationships? Are you ready to “stir up the energy” and create some momentum? Here’s a simple assignment that will help you “unclog”…and get the energy moving in your life. SOULFUL CHALLENGE: Move 21 Items in your home or office. That’s it. Yes, it’s that… Read more »

Inner Peace Tip #7 – How Do You Maintain Inner Peace When You Have Someone in Your Life Who is Interfering with That?

Your inner peace is a function of what is going on inside of you and is independent of others behaviors, words or emotional reactions.  If I’m clear that I’m whole, complete and grounded in my body, then how can someone truly interfere with my inner peace? Remember three things: In any situation, you can always… Read more »

Inner Peace Tip #6 – How to find Inner Peace When Constantly Bombarded with New Information

The “information age” has made it ridiculously easy for individuals to transfer information freely, and sometimes it is just “too much!” I’m sure you can relate.  Fortunately, you are at choice (even if you forget sometimes.) Just because information is coming at you, doesn’t mean you need to absorb it all now. 1. Become CLEAR… Read more »