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Inner Peace Infusion Retreat Home Study Bundle

How to Master Finding Calm in Any Moment I received lots and lots of emails from subscribers who wanted to attend my last Inner Peace Immersion Retreat, but had prior commitments, financial restraints, or otherwise couldn’t make the timing work.  Were you one? Well, you’re in luck! At the retreat, we unveiled the Inner Peace… Read more »

Inner Peace Retreat – Escape from Pre-Divorce Purgatory …

Hi Friends, I want to share this remarkable story with you… Last summer, one of my clients started the grueling and heart-shattering journey of divorce.  He moved out.  She sold the home.  Papers got filed … and virtually every encounter was like fingernails scratching a chalkboard, only more tearful.  Pre-divorce purgatory sucks, doesn’t it? In… Read more »

Inner Peace Retreat – Feeling Overwhelmed?

Just as a reminder, the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat is NEXT WEEK! If you haven’t registered yet, consider this: The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat offers a sacred haven for you to: Awaken to a deeper experience of inner peace, accessing and expanding your reservoirs of peace (your radical awakening). Learn how to quickly return to… Read more »

Inner Peace with 3 Keys to Living "Awakening"

How would you like to take an entire year off from your “regular” life to live “awakening”? (Think “Eat, Pray, Love” here.) If you’re like most people who have experienced awakening, or really want to, then you’d probably jump at the opportunity (I know I would!). But what if you can’t take an entire year… Read more »

Everyday Inner Peace Calls

Greetings, Over the extended weekend earlier this month… I hope you had the opportunity to take in many magic moments. My “smiley moments” included…watching a dozen kids rolling down the grassy hill in sheer delight. And, seeing a 4 year old lugging around a 3 month old boxer puppy (who was almost as big as he was!) Quite… Read more »

Inner Peace Calls

While it’s physically impossible to bring the peace-filled weather to you (unless you already live here),  I CAN bring you a perfect balance of inner peace and power! And, that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. We wouldn’t think about vacuuming the carpet without the power cord connected firmly into the electrical socket. Would we?… Read more »

Inner Peace with Conscious Living – Part 2

Want to Read Part 1 First? What is Conscious Living? How conscious are you? If you’re reading a newsletter named Soulfully Living, you’re probably more conscious than the average human being. There are likely aspects of your life where you are VERY conscious. Maybe it’s your health, and you’re keenly aware of what and how… Read more »