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"The Power of Discipline" Video

What would you say is the number 1 difference between success and failure? This new movie answers that question and presents 7 ideas…each of which could change your life. Copyright © 2005 – 2011 Simple Truths, LLC Watch The Power of Discipline If you like this video clip, I encourage you to Share it… Read more »

Even Eagles Need a Push Video

We’ve all seen it, or felt it, at some point in our life; how just one moment of encouragement can change a life forever. It can be the greatest gift you’ll ever give…or receive. Copyright © 2005 – 2011 Simple Truths, LLC Watch Even Eagles Need a Push If you like this video clip, I… Read more »

Inner Peace and the 7 Keys to Profound Happiness – #7 And EVERYTHING

I could go on and on about other elements contributing to my happiness (but this series is getting a bit long!).  When you’re profoundly happy, it seems that EVERYTHING is adding to it.  Some of the other biggies include laughter, living squarely in the present moment, aligning with reality (however it unfolds), being silly, snuggling… Read more »

Inner Peace: 10 ½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #10: Practice the Art of Fulfillment

There are many components to the Art of Fulfillment … • Creating magic moments • Noticing life’s simple pleasures – the little things and the grand • Being grateful • Living your values and purpose • Focusing on what’s already great • Growing your connections – to self, to spirit, and to others The Art… Read more »

Inner Peace: 10½ Keys to Living Fully Fulfilled – KEY #5 – Express Yourself Fully

“Express” is to communicate, convey, reveal, expose or give. “Yourself” is YOU. In Expressing YOURSELF we want YOUR thoughts, feelings and emotions, not someone else’s. “Express yourself FULLY” means “all of you”, not a partial rendition or “playing it safe” version. And, yes there are huge rewards for “expressing ourselves fully”, including fulfillment. Of course, we… Read more »