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Inner Peace and Owning your Power, with Gaile Burchill

“What’s Possible When You Own Your Power” by Gaile Burchill Note From Mary: One of the women I admire deeply is Gaile Burchill. She’s not only been a client and student of mine, she was instrumental in the success of the Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour. She happens to be participating in my latest Ultimate Impact… Read more »

Inner Peace Conference Call – Discover 5 Simple Secrets To Create and Sustain Success AND Inner Peace in Today's Busy World

For 12 years, I have coached transformational leaders, CEO’s, business owners and even a couple of billionaires. I know exactly what it takes for “conscious achievers” to realize success AND inner peace. Join me as I share with you my own experiences of awakening and my secrets to creating and sustaining success and inner peace… Read more »

Personal Achievement or Spiritual Evolution: Can you have BOTH? Take charge or let go? Or?

In the world of personal development, there seem to be two distinct camps.  Both approaches seem to lead to the same thing — happiness and INNER PEACE.  Is one approach, more effective than the other?  How can we make sense of the sometimes contradicting approaches? The Camp of Achievement First is the goal-oriented, achievement-based, power-filled doctrine. … Read more »