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Inner Peace and the 7 Keys to Profound Happiness – #4 Grounding in Stillness

When my husband and I first attended Adyashanti’s Five Day Silent Meditation Retreat, I had NEVER been a big meditator. It’s actually been my intention to meditate as a “daily ritual” – for well over a decade.  However, spending five full days in silence with Adyashanti is a great way to kick-start a meditation practice.  It… Read more »

Inner Peace Timeouts

You set big goals for yourself. Yet, you’re equally committed to a peaceful inner world. Is it possible to have BOTH? And, if it is…what allows you to keep inspiration and productivity high along the way? There are several keys…however, Simply put…INNER PEACE TIMEOUTS. An Inner Peace Timeout is a fancy way of saying —… Read more »