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Laura Berman Fortgang

Best-Selling Author of The Prosperity Plan,
Sought-After Speaker & Corporate Spokesperson

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* Are you struggling to find financial and emotional security in this economy?

* Would you like to know how to beat the odds and create extraordinary wealth AND happiness?

* What Would Be Different If You Had More…Prosperity?

During This Interview We’ll Explore:

* The key to changing the tides of prosperity in your direction.

* Finding your “Right Livelihood.”

* What it takes to see possibilities where no one else does.

* How to re-define “security” the way rich people do.

* How your integrity determines your wealth or not.

* What it takes to forgive your past money mistakes once and for all and breakthrough to the other side.

* How to focus your energy where it will pay dividends and stop feeling guilty about it.

* And more…

Note from Life Coach Mary:

Laura Berman Fortgang was at my first International Coach Federation Conference back in 1998, when I was just thinking about becoming a coach. Seeing her speak and getting an autographed copy of her book were catalysts to my future as a coach. Since then, Laura has gone on to author 5 best-selling books available in 11 languages. She was the FIRST coach to appear on Oprah. She’s a contributing editor for Redbook Magazine and frequently appears in major print and digital media. She is truly a pioneer and leader within the field of coaching, and has reached millions of people. In early February, she graciously agreed to be a guest expert for one of my private coaching groups. As she shared highlights from her latest book “The Prosperity Plan” I knew I had to bring this wisdom to my entire community through my Conversations with the Masters series. Please join me on Thursday, March 10th at 10am PT/1pm ET.

About Laura Berman Fortgang:

Laura’s professional life is anchored by her international reputation as a pioneer in the personal coaching field. Only one expression of her twenty plus years of supporting people to find meaning, purpose and satisfaction in their lives, Laura is also a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, corporate spokesperson and interfaith minister.

Laura’s years as a professional musical theatre performer helped form her no-nonsense, entertaining writing and speaking style that has helped her uplifting messages spread far and wide. She is the best-selling author of five books now published in 11 languages:

The Prosperity Plan (Debuts January 2011)
The Little Book On Meaning (Finalist for a Books for a Better Life Award alongside the Dalai Lama)
Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction
Living Your Best Life
Take Yourself to the Top

Laura has also been a media perennial for years. Her appearances on Oprah, The CBS Early Show, NBC’s Today, Good Morning America, various nationally syndicated and cable outlets as well as a long stint as contributing editor for Redbook Magazine and in other major print and digital media have helped her reach millions of people who want to improve their work and life.

Through her coaching company, InterCoach, Inc./Now What?® Coaching, Laura has provided coaching to diverse clients ranging from homemakers, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies to NASA and the Army Corps of Engineers. Her company was voted one of the top 100 companies to watch in NJ. One of the first to be formally trained as a professional coach and hold a credential, Laura was a founding member and early board member of the International Coach Federation.

Laura holds a B.S. in Communications from Boston University, is a graduate of Coach University and was ordained in 2006 by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City.

A wife and mother of three, Laura resides in New Jersey with her family.

The Call For A New Currency

by Laura Berman Fortgang

There is a huge shift happening in the evolution of human consciousness. Are you feeling it? Is your world changing without your permission? Have you been forced to reinvent your work or give up things in your life you once held dear?

Here is the good news: as frightening as it can be when things swing out of our control, it is in precisely in times like these that we begin to pay attention—and a dramatic shift in consciousness becomes possible. However, the choice to remain conscious is entirely up to you. You could also just hide and go back to sleep.

Whether this is showing up as desperation or something surging within you, one thing is certain: global economic changes are forcing us to embrace a new way of building our lives and financial security. The old ways “guaranteed” by hard work, fitting in, and loyalty are no longer enough to ensure your career and give peace of mind about the future. We need a new currency that requires a rewiring of our minds and of our beliefs about how prosperity works.

The work I have done for almost twenty years as a pioneer in the personal coaching field has been grounded in the belief that, as John Naisbitt, futurist and author of Megatrends and Megatrends 2000, put it, “the most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.” I interpret that to mean that our awareness of the spiritual nature of our being will become the currency of our future success. By subduing that aspect of ourselves despite all that we accomplished in the twentieth century, we inflicted unintended damage on our planet, our health, and other beings. We have seen our ever-expanding progress and prosperity begin to contract and many of our systems fall apart. All we have done so far no longer seems to be working, so it is time to heed the call.

What are your expectations right now? Are you fearful and worried? Are you concerned that the changes in the world preclude ever feeling on top of your game again? Are you resisting what is going on in your life? If you are living in this currency of fear, you are putting your feet in a tub of wet cement and letting it harden into a solid block. Your movements and your ability to change will be limited.

However, by creating the circumstances by which great luck canfind you, you will experience prosperity and opportunity that seems magical in quality. To succeed, a fundamental change is required of you. You will need to recalibrate your energy and vibration level. Keeping that going means staying conscious. It will mean doing battle with your subconscious and it will mean anchoring yourself in the better half of your thinking. When fear, doubt, or your critical voice try to intervene, you’ll have to send them out to pasture. To beat the odds and attain the level of wealth and happiness you have always dreamed of, you will have to switch out your currency.You’ll have to “play to win.” You’ll have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Excerpted from The Prosperity Plan, Laura’s new book out TODAY.
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