Q & A about the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve been hearing A LOT from me about….

1) The upcoming Inner Peace Infusion Retreat, which is quickly approaching May 12-13th.

2) Various resources which can also support you in creating a life of freedom, flow and fulfillment.

Please take advantage of what speaks to you, and take in the tips offered here…

Had to share this client story with you today.

This morning, one of my coaching clients was really feeling stuck.  She’s smart and successful, but also in the middle of big changes in her life. New career? Moving? Starting a family? Attracting her soulmate?

Swimming in uncertainty.

Fortunately, she reached out for coaching support to help her navigate this period of transition.

While she’s wanting to feel in FLOW, she’s got a bad habit that is keeping her from what she wants.

It’s EXACTLY what get in the way for everyone! (Unfortunately!)

We can sum it up in one word – RESISTANCE. 

She’s resisting the progress she IS making, by not allowing herself to feel good and acknowledge it.

She’s resisting the uncertainty inherant to big life changes.  (You know that place between knowing you need to make a change — and knowing what’s next?)

She’s resisting taking action in some areas. Otherwise known as procrastination.

She’s resisting her power in many ways, by constantly criticizing past choices, current circumstances (that she got herself into) and focusing on what’s NOT clear yet.

As I explained to her, resistance shows up in many, many, many disguises.  It’s literally what sucks inner peace from our hearts and souls…and makes us miserable — even if there are plenty of good things also worth noting in our lives.

Do you see the ways you’re resisting in your life? (HINT: If you’re not 100% at peace in any give moment, there is SOME form of resistance infringing upon you)

We can resist self-care, resist support, resist our intuition, resist time constraints, resist our to-do lists, resist the past, resist the future, resist our humanity, resist our emotions and more.

The good news is, when we recognize we are resisting… or pushing back on something — mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically — we begin to relax that resistance.

It’s like recognizing it hurts and is not productive to bang your head against a wall — so, you stop. Or at least slow down a bit.

And, without resistance… this beautiful thing called FLOW emerges in its space.

Without resistance… we can simply evaluate the choices available in the moment — and choose, one thing at a time!

One of the key things we’ll be covering at the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat is the 38+ forms of resistance
I’ve identified over the years.

Plus, we’ll be offering several effective strategies to relax resistance, no matter how it’s infringing on your life.

Imagine how amazing your life could be if you could radically diminish the resistance in your life — and optimize its FLOW?

That’s what’s available to you, for only $149.

There is still time to reserve your space and make arrangements to join us in 11 days in Ojai, CA.
CLICK HERE if you already know this event is for you, and you’re ready to register.

Q&A… (or shall we say A’s to your Q’s?)

I’ve received quite a few questions via email, and wanted to answer them publicly in case one of these questions was keeping you from gifting this event to yourself.

Q: Where is Meditation Mount in Ojai, CA?

A: Meditation Mount is located approximately 90 miles northeast of the Los Angeles airport, and 30 miles inland from the coast.  LAX is the BEST airport to fly into if you’re coming from out of state.

Q:  What times will we be meeting each day?

A:  We’ll begin at 10am and end approximately 6pm each day. This gives you plenty of time to take in the break-taking views, enjoy a hike and get a really good night’s sleep.

Q: How many people will be attending?

A: This is an intimate gathering, so there is plenty of time for personal questions.  I’m expecting 20-30 people.

Q: What about lodging?

A: We’ve made special arrangements at an inn in Ojai, which is just 5 minutes from Meditation Mount.

Q: Will you be simulcasting (doing a live video feed) of this event if we live in UK or overseas?

A: No. But, you’re welcome to purchase the previously recorded Inner Peace Infusion Retreat on 7 MP3 or CD’s by clicking here.

Q: What can I expect to learn at the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat?

A: Here’s my promise to you: You’ll…

* Know EXACTLY where to find inner peace within yourself in any moment, regardless of what’s going on externally or internally!

* Master key tools and strategies for returning to your peaceful power, even during the most challenging of times.

* And have plenty of time to practice accessing inner peace over and over and over again — in a safe environment so you’ll have the confidence to handle anything life throws your way.

There is still room, but space is limited… so RSVP today!

All the details for the Inner Peace Infusion Retreat are ready for you HERE. Will you join us in 6 days?


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