Sandy Vilas

Conversations with the Masters of Coaching



Sandy Vilas, MCC

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* Would you like to sharpen your coaching skills to increase the effectiveness in your ability to support loved ones, co-workers, employees and yourself?

* Are you curious about strategies to implement greater boundaries ,increase integrity and get your needs met consistently?

* Would you like to become a “power networker?”

* Do you aspire greater success, life balance and peace of mind ?   Would you like to accelerate CHANGE in your life?

* Have you ever thought about becoming a “life coach,” but didn’t know the first step to take?

During This Interview We Explore:

* What it means to have a strong personal foundation and how you can strengthen yours.

* Some of the 9 Guiding Principles of Coach U’s curriculum.

* How can you maximize the benefit in taking a teleclass.

* What “tolerations” are, and the benefits of handling them in your life.

* Specific techniques in coaching CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals, and restoratives.  What the different coaching needs are of each group.

* The different “coach approaches” in working with corporations vs. personal life coaching.

* Elements of creating a “perfect life.”

* Secrets of becoming a successful life coach.  Learn from a coach who coached 80 people a week at the height of his practice.

Personal Note from Life Coach Mary:

I have the utmost respect for Sandy Vilas.  While many coaches struggle to launch their coaching business, in 1989 Sandy clearly didn’t know any better.  It wasn’t long before he was coaching 80 people a week!!!  In 1996 he bought Coach U from Thomas Leonard, and has since expanded the curriculum to include Corporate Coaching.  There are now well over 11,000 coaches in 51 countries.  As a Coach U Graduate myself, I am proud to be associated with this exemplary coaching school.

When I asked Sandy to be one of my featured MCC’s, I was delighted to see how reachable he was — and that he still coaches a handful of clients each month.  Of course, he’s enjoying time and golf, with homes in both Tucson and Colorado.

About Sandy:

Sandy Vilas, CEO of is one of the pioneers of the coaching industry, having been involved at the inception of Coach U in 1992. Sandy trained with the founder of Coach U, Thomas J Leonard.  He began a full-time coaching career in 1994 and built the largest coaching practice in the world. Having built a successful coaching practice, Sandy started to look for avenues to share what he had learned in an environment that offers the highest quality of coach training available. In 1996, he purchased Coach U, and under his guidance,, which encompasses Coach U, Corporate Coach U and its affiliates in Europe, Singapore, Japan, and Australia, has evolved to become the largest and most respected coach training company in the world. Sandy is also an internationally known speaker and author of Power Networking , and a Master Certified Coach.