Rick Tamlyn

Conversations with the Masters of Coaching



Rick Tamlyn, MCC

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* Are you ready to play a BIGGER GAME?

* Do you aspire to become a speaker, trainer and coach?

* Would you like to sharpen your coaching skills to increase the effectiveness in your ability to support loved ones, clients, co-workers, employees and yourself?

* Would you like to know the secrets to creating a life the way YOU want it ?

During This Interview We Explore:

* How to balance successfully a coaching practice, leading workshops, doing keynotes, being a Sr. Trainer for CTI, and working with corporations.

* Strategies for “playing a BIGGER GAME.”

* Blending a professional speaking and coaching career.

* Key elements to leadership development, team building and communication skills in corporations.

* Successful approaches in working with corporate clients.

* How to develop a thriving coaching practice.   Why some make it and some don’t.

Personal Note from Life Coach Mary:

My initial coach training came from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  After completing the foundational workshops, I enrolled in CTI’s Certification Program.  I was fortunate enough to have Rick Tamlyn as my group leader during the program.  It happened to be his FIRST ever “certification group.”  His enthusiasm and charisma was contagious.  He was casual, bright, witty and very fun.  That was almost 9 years ago!!

Since then, I’ve seen Rick Tamlyn shine at ICF Conferences – one after another!!  He quickly became one of the all-time favorite emcees.  As our leader, guide and comedy relief throughout countless conferences, Rick continues to bring his wit and wisdom to every environment.  He’s a great example of someone authentically putting their strengths to work.

While his sense of humor is memorable, Rick Tamlyn is also a man of depth and breadth.  He co-founded The Bigger Game with CTI Founder Laura Whitworth (who recently passed away).  Rick is serious about transformation; both in affecting change with others, and within himself.

About Rick:

Rick Tamlyn is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) as designated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Rick is a sought-after leader in the human development field and works internationally as an experiential keynote speaker, workshop/seminar leader, and as a personal leadership coach. He is a senior trainer for The Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco , a world-known coach training and leadership development global organization.

As a co-founder of both It’s All Made Up, inc. and The Bigger Game, Rick has delivered over 300 Co-Active Coaching/Leadership workshops, Bigger Game workshops, and conference keynote sessions in both the public and private sectors, including Amtrak, BP Amoco, Disney, Fairview Hospitals, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, JPMorganChase, Korn/Ferry International, Marriott Corporation, The International YMCA, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Rick’s personal “Bigger Game” is to develop and enhance leadership skills within individuals, organizations and communities, for the sake of a more fulfilled and sustainable world – something for which our entire planet hungers.