Patrick Williams

Conversations with the Masters of Coaching



Patrick Williams, MCC

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* Do you aspire greater success, life balance and peace of mind ?

* Would you like to accelerate CHANGE in your life?

* Have you ever wondered what the differences are between coaching and therapy ?

* Would you like to know the success secrets of writing FOUR books, founding a coaching school, running a successful coaching practice AND maintaining life balance?

* Are you a life coach and want to expand your ability to create impact?

* Would you like to develop your coaching skills to increase the effectiveness in your ability to support loved ones, co-workers, employees and yourself?

* Have you ever thought about becoming a “life coach,” but didn’t know the first step to take? (If you’re currently a therapist, you really won’t want to miss this call.)

During This Interview We Explore:

* The difference between coaching and therapy, and when to call each of these distinct professional.

* How coaching is empowering tens of thousands around the world, and how it can impact YOUR life now.

* Identifying your life purpose .

* How can a client can maximize the benefit of their coaching relationships.

* Secrets of becoming a successful life coach.

Personal Note from Life Coach Mary:

I have serendipitously crossed paths with Dr. Patrick Williams on several occasions.  I am grateful he served as the catalyst for me launching this series.  As I’ve learned more and more about this veteran coach, author, speaker, trainer and leader, my excitement has grown tremendously.   I am deeply honored to kick-off this special series with Dr. Patrick Williams.

Not only is he an MCC, he is a co- author of four books, founder of The Institute for Life Coach Training, and a recognized speaker and trainer.  He is also well-known as the “ambassador of life coaching.”   He also recently founded , an organization designed to bring coaching schools to cities and countries across the world to empower individuals to solve problems at the grassroots level.  Join me in tapping into his breadth of experience and wisdom.

About Dr. Williams:

Dr. Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC, is founder and CEO of The Institute for Life Coach Training, the first-of-its-kind training institute that specializes in training psychotherapists, psychologists, counselors and helping professionals in building a successful coaching practice. He is a licensed psychologist who began executive coaching in 1990 with Hewlett Packard, IBM and Kodak. He is a member of Coach U and a former International Coach Federation Board Director.