Margaret Krigbaum

Conversations with the Masters of Coaching



Margaret Krigbaum, MCC

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* Are you a life coach and want to expand your ability to create impact?

* Would you like to develop greater presence, trust and intimacy in your relationships?

* Would you like to develop your coaching skills to increase the effectiveness in your ability to support loved ones, co-workers, employees and yourself?

* Have you ever thought about becoming a “life coach” or “business coach”, but didn’t know the first step to take?

* Would you like to become a better “hearer” or better “listener”?

During this Interview We’ll Explore:

* Developing presence, trust and intimacy in relationships and with clients.

* How to develop “mastery” in coaching.

* Establishing the coaching agreement (and this is NOT about the contract).

* How to be a great “hearer” and “listener”.

* Coaching around the world.

Personal Note from Life Coach Mary:

I first met Margaret Krigbaum on a bridgeline, in a Coaching Practicum at Coach U. I was already an MCC and graduate of CTI, but was completing the coursework at Coach U. On the first day, I remember distinctly being challenged by Margaret to drop the “coaching questions” I used most with my clients. What a great way to stretch me!!! Throughout the 8 week period, I watched in admiration as Margaret brilliantly created learning for the entire class. She has a gift for being rigorous and gentle simultaneously. Even after eight years of coaching experience, I personally learned a lot by witnessing Margaret as she coached each coach. She is truly a masterful coach and leader. Many would call her a real “coach’s coach.” I’ve since seen Margaret lead breakout sessions at the ICF Conference, and sees her leadership shine as a ICF Board Member. Her passion for this industry is contagious.

About Margaret:

Margaret Krigbaum, MCC,is a successful business and personal coach, consultant, speaker, COO, and former practicing attorney.

Margaret spent over 11 years in a private law practice before becoming COO of 3 Point Productions, LLC., a sports video production company. Simultaneously, Margaret expanded her business coaching and consulting practice. She has worked extensively in career transition, business development, leading edge management, and organizational and team development. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, regional and local companies, executives, professionals, athletes, and individuals in transition. Her client base extends throughout the United States and to Europe and Asia. Margaret’s coaching philosophy is to partner with her clients to turn their strengths into opportunities.

Margaret is also part of the forefront of the coaching industry. She sits on the Research and Development committee, curriculum and training committee, and is an instructor for Coach University, the leading training institution for the coaching profession.

Margaret has a B.A. and J.D. from the University of Arizona and is a graduate of Coach University. She is a featured keynote speaker and seminar leader to groups and businesses such as Sun Health Group, the American Business Women’s Association, The American Basketball League, the American Small Business Association, and the American Case Workers Association. In addition Margaret has been a featured guest on over 50 radio shows nationwide. She is a featured author in the book, Working Wisdom, and is the author and producer of the video, Game Smart: How To Watch Basketball, starring national championship coach, Lute Olson.