Leza Danly

Conversations with the Masters of Coaching



Leza Danly, MCC

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* Are you on a spiritual path of awakening?

* Would you like to learn how to coach clients at the edge of your own awakening?

* Are you interested in learning how to harness the power of emotions?

* Are you ready to embrace your true value?

* Would you like to give up struggle and sacrifice?

During This Interview We’ll Explore:

* The 4 elements on the Path of Wisdom.

* The Four Stages of Awakening and how to evolve through each of them.

* The difference between living in a state of “dominion” vs. “domination.”

* What it means to truly enter “Joyous Adulthood” and why we want to!

* How to embrace your true value (and not the egocentric way).

* Receiving everything you want without struggle or sacrifice.

* What it means to have “Empowered Relationships.”

* Integrating “spiritual coaching” in your interactions with others.

Personal Note from Life Coach Mary:

I first met Leza Danly at my CTI Certification Exam, and knew immediately there was something special about this radiant woman. As part of the exam, we were required to coach an experienced CTI examiner and trainer. I coached Leza. I set aside my intimidation, and fortunately, I did pass the exam to become a CPCC. A few months later, I participated in her teleclass series called Lucid Living. It was the third time she’d lead this program. It was truly exceptional. To this day, I haven’t seen or experienced a spiritual coaching program as comprehensive as Lucid Living. The teleclass series evolved into weekend workshops, and Iâ??m blessed to get glimpses about their evolution through my first coach, Jeanine Mancusi who became Leza’s business partner. I know how profound this work is on peopleâ??s lives. I’ve also experienced Leza speak at the ICF Conference on a couple occasions, and have enjoyed her CD’s. I have the utmost respect and admiration for this amazing woman!

About Leza:

Leza Danly, MCC is the founder and co-director of Lucid Living. She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC and CPCC), a trainer of coaches and former faculty supervisor for CTI. Her twenty-year intensive study in metaphysics and spirituality blends with her coaching expertise to create a depth of understanding beyond the scope of traditional coaching skills.

Leza founded the Lucid Living curriculum to offer new paths of awakening to the love and magic that is all around us. Her training addresses finely-tuned distinctions, offering students the ability to understand a greater complexity of being with themselves and loving themselves more fully.

Leza brings heart, inspiration, magic and a space of limitless possibility to her work. She is passionately committed to people waking up to their own power and magnificence.