Laura Berman-Fortgang

Conversations with the Masters of Coaching




Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC

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* Would you like to learn from one of the foremost pioneers in coaching?

* Are you curious about strategies to finding your own purpose and life “blueprint”?

* Do you aspire greater success, life balance and peace of mind?

* Would you like to sharpen your coaching skills to increase theeffectiveness in your ability to support loved ones, co-workers, employees and yourself?

* Are you ready to accelerate CHANGE in your life?

* Have you ever thought about becoming a “life coach,” but didn’t know the first step to take?

During This Interview We Explore:

* How to balance successfully writing 3 books, raising 3 kids, coaching, speaking and leading a coaching school.

* Strategies for discovering “what to do next with your life” if you’re really stuck (or working with someone who is).

* The coach approach/solution for dealing with the 10 biggest dilemmas in careers .

* Key elements to Living Your Best Life

* How to develop a thriving coaching practice.   Why some make it and some don’t.

Personal Note from Life Coach Mary:

In the fall of 1998, I attended my first International Coach Federation Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.  One of the most valuable breakout sessions I attended was with Laura Berman Fortgang and Cheryl Richardson about “How to Build a Coaching Practice.”  It was filled with practical “how-to” strategies which filled me with hope and possibility.  Later in the conference I purchased a copy of Laura Berman Fortgang’s first book, Take Yourself to the Top.  I ran into her in the hallway and she signed it.  The message said something like, “Welcome to Coaching.  We need you.”  This affirmation gave me the juice to go create a thriving coaching practice.

I’ve since followed Laura as she went on Oprah (the FIRST personal coach to appear!!), spoke on other subjects, published two more books and developed her own coaching school.  She is truly a pioneer and leader within the field of coaching.  I’m honored to include her in the Conversations with the Masters series.

About Laura:

Laura Berman Fortgang is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the personal coaching field and is known for her no-nonsense, entertaining writing and speaking style. She is the best-selling author of:

Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction
Living Your Best Life
Take Yourself to the Top

Laura was one of the first personal coaches to be featured on national television as well as in international print and digital media. Her appearances on Oprah, The CBS Early Show, NBC’s Weekend Today, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and many others, combined with print media such asUSA Today, Fast Company, MONEY and many national and international newspapers have paved the way for most of the successful coaches in the industry today.

Laura’s books are published in 11 languages and distributed around the world. She is currently a contributing editor for REDBOOK magazine with a regular feature called “Live Your Dreams”.

Through her coaching company, InterCoach, Inc./ Now What?T Coaching, Laura has provided coaching to diverse clients ranging from homemakers, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies to NASA and the Army Corps of Engineers. Her company was voted one of the top 100 companies to watch in NJ as well as Laura herself being honored as one of “NJ’s top 40 under 40 to Watch.”

One of the first recipients of the International Coach Federation’s Master Certified Coach credential, Laura was a founding member of ICF, a four-year board member and has been a tireless champion for coaching around the world.

Laura is a ‘Jersey Girl’ and a devoted spouse, mother of three, and an ordained Interfaith minister .