Henry Kimsey House

Conversations with the Masters of Coaching



Henry Kimsey-House, MCC

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* Are you a life coach and want to expand your ability to create impact?

* Would you like to be an even more powerful leader?

* Would you like to inspire others to take greater responsibility?

* Are you ready to lead from your strengths, power and true essence?

* Do you struggle between focusing on your needs vs. the “good of the organization”?

During this Interview We’ll Explore:

* How to be an effective leader living from your power and strength

* How to inspire people to take responsibility for their world.

* The philosophy of BEING.

* Balancing your focus between your needs and the organization’s needs.

* The History of Coaching.

Personal Note from Life Coach Mary:

Henry Kimsey-House is one of my all-time favorite leaders and coaches. He’s simply BRILLIANT and visionary. And, there is something about the way he holds “space and energy” that brings forth authenticity.

I first met Henry when I attended CTI’s year long Leadership Program in 1999. Henry co-lead our group, “The Great Smoking Mirrors” with Elaine Jaynes. Henry was instrumental in helping me see just how much I “protected” myself from others… and inspired me to find comfort in a new level of “vulnerability”. I still remember this moment profoundly. And, that is one work I use to describe Henry — PROFOUND. I have so much respect and admiration for this coaching leader.

Please help me welcome another pioneer and masterful coach.

About Henry:

Henry Kimsey-House, co-founder of CTI, is the main designer of the coaching course curriculum, including the leadership program. Today, Henry continues to develop and refine the CTI coaching curriculum, leveraging his creative insights and experience as an actor. He is also co-author of the industry best-seller Co-Active Coaching.

An actor since age nine, Henry brings that experience and understanding of human process and development to CTI. His acting career includes appearances in Woody Allen’s movie, “Stardust Memories,” soap operas and regional theatre productions. According to Henry, his acting experience contributed greatly to the creation of Co-Active coaching and to the creation of language in the CTI courses that addresses the core of who we are.

After acting for several years, Henry joined the Actors Information Project (AIP), in New York City, a career counseling service for actors. As vice president of curriculum development, he created a variety of workshops and programs to help new actors succeed in their craft and in the business of acting.

In the 1980s, Henry became one of the first professional coaches, with a specialty in coaching artists and actors. In 1992, he turned his creativity to co-founding and co-designing the curriculum for CTI.

Henry studied acting at Lewis & Clark University, University of Wisconsin (Eau Claire), University of Tennessee (Chattanooga) and in New York City.