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Cynthia Freeman, MCC

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* Are you ready to learn from a coach who has worked with over 2000 individual clients in 51 different countries?

* Would you like to know the secrets of a long-time Tony Robbins Sr. Trainer and veteran coach?

* Do you struggle to create consistent results in your life and the lives of your clients?

* Would you like to become a six-figure coach?

* Are you or your clients ever frustrated with relationship challenges?

* Would you like to teach your children how to earn, spend, save and invest money?

Note from Life Coach Mary:

Cynthia Freeman is one of those rare individuals who was “coaching” before anyone coined the term. I have personally known Cynthia for well over a decade through our shared experiences in supporting Tony Robbins’ live events. Cynthia has been a Sr. Trainer for Robbins Research International for 12 years. After moving to southern California and connecting at countless ICF events, we became close friends. While most of my “Masters of Coaching” guests are more visibly known in the coaching community, I wanted Cynthia Freeman as a featured guest for numerous reasons.

First, she is one of the most experienced coaches I know, touting over 17 years of experience working with people and companies in 51 different countries. Secondly, she is an MCC who has created TWO different coaching curriculums for business. She’s also a rarity in earning her MCC without having graduated from an accredited coaching school (which is one of the most challenging ways to earn an MCC). She brings a unique perspective because of her longevity in the industry, and breadth of knowledge in working with individuals and organization on the topics of leadership, sales success, team building, teaching your children about money and more.

During this interview we’ll explore:

* Becoming a Six-Figure Coach.

* The Top Keys for Creating CONSISTENT Results.

* How to “unreasonably” challenge your clients.

* The 7 Faces of Deception and how this gets in the way of our success.

* Savvy Secrets on Coaching Relationships.

* Teaching your children and kids how to earn, spend, save and invest your money.

About Cynthia Freeman:

Over the past 17 years, Cynthia Freeman has developed and delivered results-oriented training and coaching for companies in 51 countries throughout North America, Europe, and Australia . In that time, she has personally coached over two thousand individual clients toward achieving meaningful advancement in all areas of their life. Her expertise encompasses a variety of integrated success strategies in: leadership, relationships, time management, sales game-planning, health and fitness, and organization and life balance.

Cynthia’s expertise is the result of a hands-on career as a thriving real estate agent where she excelled at executing selling game plans that resulted in elite level sales performance. At the same time she successfully juggled the many roles of a single mother. While maintaining an active involvement in her children’s school and extracurricular activities, Cynthia managed to maintain every weekend off and participate in a variety of active, outdoor hobbies. An energetic involvement with colleagues and friends, as well as a desire to communicate with her children, inspired Cynthia to co-author the book, Money Does Grow on Trees.

While sharing the “how” of her sales success with others, Cynthia realized that the how was not nearly as important to success as the “what” people allowed in their lives that stopped them from achieving their goals. As a result, she dedicated herself to studying and researching the latest information on relationships, personalities and male/female differences with a view to their impact on success factors. The result – a powerful seminar series she has delivered to appreciative audiences worldwide. As a result, Cynthia has helped her clients define and create the relationships they desire within their families, organizations and businesses, on teams, in partnerships and even their most intimate personal relationships.

Seeing the need in her coaching for taking marriages and committed partnerships to the next level, Cynthia has recently created the unique Passionate Partner Seminars. These life-changing encounters are far from the typical clinical or academic fare offer today. It is the life-product of personal struggle and triumph in her own marriage relationship and reflects the powerful truths she has learned in her own process of self-discovery. The principles communicated in the Passionate Partner Seminar are also the foundation for Cynthia’s new book on creating and keeping meaningful relationships that is coming soon.

Her trainings in companies and organizations with her expertise in personality differences and distinctions have helped her clients to surpass sales expectations. Participants leave with tools to be in relationship with the world at a new level and an understanding of who they are as well.

In all her coaching engagements, Cynthia inspires her clients to approach life’s challenges “unreasonably” by obtaining what they thought, or were told, was impossible. She is an active, forceful motivator of those seeking to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ and reach extraordinary performance, exciting passionate relationships and rich fulfilling lives.

Cynthia is a graduate of the University of California , Los Angeles with a Masters Degree in Psychology and Movement Therapy. Cynthia is also a senior trainer for Anthony Robbins and an active member of the International Coach Federation and is a Master Certified Coach.

Cynthia is available as an event speaker, for trainings, seminars and individual executive coaching.

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