Inner Peace and Oprah Auditions

Your OWN Show is a new reality TV show where “contestants” compete for the opportunity to host their OWN Talk Show. 9504 people auditioned by submitting a 3 minute video online. Thousands more auditioned in person…including me.  Of course, having your OWN TV Show is one of those “dream jobs,” isn’t it? You’re only on stage for ONE hour a day. Easy, right? Everyone LOVES you. And, you get to interview celebrities and interesting folks — being the glue tying it all together. It’s a powerful vehicle for inspiring people and affecting change…maybe even about Everyday Inner Peace! (That’s right up my alley!)

Given my minimal prep time — I desperately needed the time to craft and polish the “perfect pitch.” I must have printed it out 15 different times — as I tweaked it again and again.

Here’s a little video right before I dashed off for my audition. (You can’t tell so much here, but I was SUPER nervous!)

The time came…and our group entered Billy’s tent. One by one, each candidate stood and delivered a 30+ second pitch…and sat down. Clapping after each person. We were in the tent maybe 25 minutes.

And, that was that.

Here’s the video I shot right after I got home…

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