New Year Rituals


Can you believe it?  We’re now well into a brand new year!

Fourteen years ago, I began a process with my coaching clients called “End of Year Completion/New Year Creation.”  It’s an outstanding way to ‘move out the old’ and bring in the new.   I discovered this process with my first coach years ago, and still find it an enormous value to me personally, as well as for my clients.  As my clients have shared their answers with me in their private coaching sessions, it prompted me to share this exercise with you today.

Below you will find two sets of questions to ponder and write about.  Set aside some interrupted time to journal your answers to the questions below.  I personally like to curl up next to a warm fire, light candles and get comfy, allowing plenty of time to reflect upon the year that just came to an end and what I want to consciously create in the New Year.

Depending on how you feel about 2012, you may be tempted to skip the “End of Year Completion” part (especially since it’s now January 21, 2013 already!), but I want to encourage you to take the time with these questions!   We can anchor in learning when we stop to “name” them. And, most do not acknowledgment accomplishments well.

End of Year Completion Questions 

1. What are your disappointments, failures, and breakdowns? Let’s acknowledge what these items are….this is an opportunity to let them go, carry them forward, or make a new promise.

2. Make a second list titled: Successes, Wins and Accomplishments.This is a chance to celebrate and own who you have become this year, and your achievements. Where did you step into your power and greatness? Please don’t skimp on these. The little stuff counts. NO modesty allowed. Let’s validate all your accomplishments. Look through your organizer to remind you.


3. What have you learned about yourself and your life? What insights have you gained? True insights have the transformational capability of shifting us into a new, more alive place! As we are blessed with insights it is important to nurture and deepen these new understandings.

4. What are you grateful for? This list might include some of the above and anything else you truly appreciate about yourself or any other area of your life. There is a basic principle. Whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life.

(For this question… I like to be REALLY thorough, counting the big and little things I’m truly grateful for. That means don’t limit to yourself to ONE page.)


5. How will you celebrate and honor your year 2012 accomplishments?What would be a fun, special thing to do for yourself?


New Year Creation Questions

Use this unique set of questions to help create the New Year by engaging the senses in a non-traditional way.  Who said goal-setting needs to be a linear process?  You may use one or more of the questions below to stimulate your thinking.   

* What is your theme for 2013?  This is not about your resolutions or specific goals with “do by” dates (though I recommend that too!). This is your guiding compass for the upcoming year. Your theme will likely encompass many of your goals, but maybe not all of them.  This is perhaps the most important elements in setting yourself up for success and inner peace in the new year.

Some of the themes my clients are claiming this year include: “Living each moment with Love, Joy and Passion,” “Saying Yes to ME,” and “Valuing Myself.”

In my group coaching programs, I’ve seen clients take on all kinds of themes.  JOY, Gratitude, Abundance, Extreme Self-Care and others. One client selected “The Year of the Donkey” to represent his commitment to losing weight, so he’d be below the 200 pound mark, and eligible to ride a donkey into the Grand Canyon. (And yes, he DID it!)

grand canyon
What do you feel energy and excitement around?  What engages your imagination and feels compelling?  What theme would serve as your best guiding compass for the year? CLAIM YOUR THEME for 2013.

To help you arrive at your theme, and get connected to your vision for 2013, use these questions:

  • If your vision were a piece of music, what piece would it be?
  • If your vision was from nature what would it be? (Tree, ocean, brook..)
  • What does it taste like?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What other senses can you use to develop your vision?
  • What if your vision was a thousand times bigger? Describe what it would be.
  • Use a metaphor to describe your vision.
  • Are you forcing anything?
  • Where can you ease off?
  • What can you take less seriously?
  • Are there any old rules you are holding on to?
  • What can you eliminate?
  • How would a six-year-old describe your vision?
  • Ask yourself some “what if” questions. What if I ______?  (positive what if’s!)
  • Add one outrageous or wacky element to your vision.

Sometimes ONE question can open up a new sense of beingness that allows you to live life differently.  I love it when that happens!

For example:  What if everything could be easier this year?

Have fun with these questions.

Feel free to share your THEME for 2013 below.


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2 Responses to “New Year Rituals”

  1. Ton

    Dear Mary,
    I am grateful to you for your inspiration and guiding with your own thought and suggestion’s, whatever works for you, works out for me to.

    I follow my life force and that force me to work within the highest good in me. After the fall and breaking my trust, I have accepted my fear as best teacher to rediscover my strength; confidence in life and to attract and confirm in the here and now this confidence, to be able to complete my way.
    2012 was a good year for me and my family, where the recovery became visible at all levels of my life.

    I am now on my way / the path in to 2013 to follow what is already mapped out for me and for this to complete.
    I encourage and learn from the higher thinking with the intention of unconditional love and the greatest good for all.
    Life itself is my motivator to my own (part) to take responsibility for.
    Cooperate with my higher self to a good and solid foundation for the future of my daughter and the people I Love.
    I Am great full for you in my life and wish you all blessings and strength you need.
    Have a good 2013, by for now, regards Ton


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