Loving What Is and “The Work” of Byron Katie

How many times have you heard “your thoughts create your reality?”  Lots? Me too.  I understood this conceptually, but often time my thoughts simply dominated my reality and I felt helpless, stuck and tortured by them.  Yes, I knew they were lousy, disempowering thoughts ruining my life…but, they felt REAL.   As much as I TRIED to consciously release them, I couldn’t.  Even techniques in NLP, “changing my focus” and using positive language only seemed to work temporarily.  The idea of having a “still mind” sounded great, but my meditation practice was filled with lots of swimming thoughts, and little “stillness.”

Then I was introduced to “the work” of Byron Katie, called Loving What Is.  (I recommend the CD’s)

Through a process called INQUIRY… “4 simple questions” and what she calls a “turnaround”, people experience FREEDOM from the thoughts that once imprisoned their lives.  It’s simple and effective.  As our attachment to thought changes, so does our entire world.  It has to change, when we change.  As we learn to question the thoughts that give us stress, pain and turmoil, we discover the real “truth”.  A thought, once examined, is just that … “a thought”, neither good or bad, it just “IS”. It’s our ATTACHMENT to “thought” that creates pain.  Through “inquiry”, one is able to experience thoughts vanishing, and experience the resulting peace that appears in its absence.

Her work also parallels other spiritual teachings.  Accepting, allowing and “loving what is” in your life IS a vital KEY to fulfillment.  When we RESIST what life presents us, and try to CONTROL it, we experience stress.  “The Work” offers invaluable guidance in learning how to more fully embrace “what is” in our lives.

Her work affected me deeply.  It’s allowed me to recognize “truth” in a way I hadn’t previously been able to.  Teachings I once only understood intellectually, I now “get” at my core.  I feel clear, free and more inspired than ever.  And, I notice that my mind isn’t incessantly filled with “chitter-chatter”.  A still mind is something I enjoy quite frequently these days.

I’ve since introduced “the work” to my clients, and have seen remarkable and potent shifts in each their lives, as a result of INQUIRY. Relationships with children, bosses, friends and lovers have magically improved.  More importantly, her work allows one to transform the relationship that affects our entire reality – the one with OURSELVES.

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