Are you living from the sweet spot?

Hi again! How did you enjoy the Trolls videos I sent last week? If you missed it, it’s on my blog here. One of the things I love about that movie is how the main character Poppy is a wonderful embodiment of both “being” and “doing.” She radiates love and joy, and boldly embraces her mission. I aspire to be more like Poppy.

You may have noticed the tagline above — “living in the sweetspot.” As described on my website, “When you embody that elusive balance between your “beingness” (the Yin – aka “Inner Peace”) and the “doingness” (the Yang – aka Success), I like to call it ‘living in the sweetspot.'”

The expectation is never about doing it perfectly, but rather a reminder to inspire presencing BOTH the “heart-centered, energetically aligned part of us” with “taking purposeful action” part of us.

Maybe you’ve already felt what it’s like to live in the sweet spot — doing something athletic or even watching someone else:

  • Skiing down a mogul run at the Olympics.
  • A surfer riding a wave.
  • Hitting a tennis or golf ball just the right way.

What about watching someone share their gift, a professional singer like Celine Dion or Elton John, a speaker sharing an inspired message from the stage or watching a well- written movie or show.

Or participating in your own creative flow – writing or journaling, doing something artistic like painting or photography. With each of these activities there is action AND there is a centered beingness or awareness that is also engaged.

Embodying this elusive balance between inner peace and success is the sweet spot I’m talking about, and it’s a powerful combination for creating your best life! I’d love to support you in enjoying more of it.

Today I want to focus on the process that has shaped my life for decades and something I invited almost every coaching client to do. I started this process in 2003! And I’ve noticed that life seems to flow better when I have a juicy vision to live into. A few months ago, revisiting this powerful exercise was the catalyst that inspired me to re-engage with you (hurray!), start working on my next book and embody “living in the sweet spot” more.

I call it Creating a 12 Month Vision (or Yearlong Vision). If you’ve been in one of my group coaching groups, you’re familiar with this exercise. But, as I well know, without a compelling vision that you’re energetically aligned with, it’s easy to flounder. It’s not enough to just have goals in your mind.

This exercise combines vision with emotional alignment, and is instrumental in pulling you into inspired action. And you don’t have to wait until January to work on yours. I did my last yearlong vision in September.

So, if you want to sharpen up the clarity of your personal vision and goals, and become more energetically and emotionally aligned, this writing exercise is for you.



Simply imagine that it’s exactly one year from today. So, imagine it’s November 16, 2018! You’re going to pretend you’re reflecting back on your past year, the year you would love to enjoy. You’re going write a letter to yourself describing all that you experienced and accomplished.

Here’s the first paragraph from my most recent yearlong vision to give you a fresh example and get you thinking.

“It’s September 20, 2018 and I’m reflecting back on this past year with deep gratitude and joy beaming from every cell of my being. I love my life more than ever, and trust the Divine guidance moving through me in each moment. I feel a profound sense of peace and joy in the present moment, yet simultaneously pulled into inspired and purposeful action almost effortlessly. A powerful presence has emerged more grounded than ever, and it has deepened my connection with my amazing children, husband John, clients, friends, family and community. I feel them more and they feel me more. I have plenty of time for all aspects of my life… writing, clients, creative projects, self-care, working out, yoga, showers (lol!), quality “facetime” with kids, connected conversations, date nights with John, calls with Mom and Dad, cherished friendships, reading and sleep. My mindset is strong and clear. I’m happier, more joyful and alive than ever!”

I also wrote a more detailed paragraph about my relationship with John, my kids, health, my new book (!), my business (3 paragraphs), and of course balance.

The biggest keys are a compelling vision for yourself AND a sense of alignment with your being. Writing it into life helps tremendously, allowing vision and alignment to powerfully come together. It always amazes me how this simple exercise works!

Now it’s your turn.

Here are the 9 tips I give clients, participants in my group coaching programs and is part of my audio series “Secrets to Profound Peace and Soaring Success.

9 Tips for Creating Your 12 Month Vision 

1. Identify Top 3-10 goals. Use Wheel of Life and Goals worksheet (attached) to remember the various areas of life you want to bring attention to. What do you really want? More is not necessarily better. What matters most is being CONNECTED to what you want.

2. Identify FEELINGS you want to experience over the next 12 months. How will you FEEL when you achieve your outcomes? – What FEELINGS can you tap that will allow you to realize your goals? (i.e. anticipation, discipline, focus, joyous, eager, etc.) – What emotional shift will help you step into your goals?

3. Describe What The OUTCOME Looks Like. What results have been achieved? Money in bank. Affect on other people. A book. Information products. Live events. Group coaching programs. Number of coaching clients. A pile of newspapers with your articles in them. Happy customers. A peaceful heart. A new relationship. Body weight or shape. How will you be spending time in the future?

4. Steps To Achieve. Include some of the key steps to help you realize your desired outcomes. What daily habits will support you? Writing daily? Working out, and eating right? Creating space energetically for the something new — business, relationship. For relationship, becoming fully available, healing the past, being fully authentic. Maybe the clarity of a business plan is necessary, solid intention. What resources will you access and help you achieve your outcomes? What mindset will support you?

5. Give Special Attention To Any Points That Feel Hard, Confusing Or Sticky. Assume a shift is possible – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Anticipate HOW you’ll work through any fear or potentially difficult situation.

6. Language, Language, Language.
– Use inspiring, Juicy, Compelling to YOU.
– Write in past tense – as though it has already happened and it is one year from today.
– Borrow words from others visions…but, own whatever words you choose.
– Use language to help you emotionally connect to your vision.

7. Creating Space Energetically. In addition to making space energetically, include language to expand your sense of worthy and deservingness. We want to create the space to ALLOW your goals to be realized. (Refer to Lesson #7 in Power of Inner Choice).

8. CONNECT EMOTIONALLY. Deepen the connection each day and each week. You don’t need to be fully connected now, but ultimately it’s a necessary step in co-creating your desires. We’ll be tweaking and adjusting the visions throughout the year.

9. Blend BIG with REALISTIC. We want visions that inspire the best out of you. If a vision is ho-hum, that’s a clue to stretch and go bigger. On the other hand, setting a goal that is so far out there you can’t emotionally connect to it, doesn’t serve. I’d rather see you nail a goal for $50,000 or $100,000 and be solidly grounded in your strategy, than naming $1 million on wishful thinking. I’ve seen overly lofty goals blow the inner circuits, and be more discouraging than inspiring. Check your vision…do you need to enhance it and make it BIGGER — or ground it in reality a bit? If you’re having difficulty connecting emotionally with a goal — or identifying the practical strategy of getting there…this is a clue to adjust. We need to start with something you CAN emotionally connect to, and grow from there. And, if it’s too EASY…that’s another reason to adjust. You’ll adjust over time.

Useful Questions: 

1. What’s the goal/outcome?
2. How will you FEEL when you get there? (be patient — the emotions will come)
3. What experiences will result when the goal/outcome is achieved?
4. How will you FEEL in the process of moving toward your goals…and/or what FEELINGS will support you in getting there?
5. What steps will you take in pursuit of your goal? Not every outcome will require all elements outlined above. When stuck or unclear — this process can bring additional clarity and vividness to your vision.

Then remember to read your vision regularly. Ideally, weekly. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple exercise. Schedule a date to create your yearlong vision, and be sure to report back!

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