Introducing our Golden Retriever Puppy Cruzer

Meet “Cruzer”
Our Newest Family Member

It was just THREE weeks ago when life changed as we know it. John and I are now proud parents of a little Golden Retriever puppy. This past Sunday marked “Cruzer’s” 11 week old birthday. This soft fur ball is our new joy. We say, “He’s SO frickin’ CUTE!” only about a thousand times daily.

He loves chasing his tail, playing with his reflection in the mirror and gratefully, happily sleeps through the night! (Yes!) He’s an excellent model of “living in the present moment.”  Unfortunately, if we’re not TOTALLY present to his every move, there are consequences 🙂 Since we’re “encouraged” to take him outside every 1 1/2 to 2 hours for those beloved “potty breaks,” balance is super easy nowadays 🙂 I’ve included a few photos below. To see more, join me on Facebook. I’ll continue to post updated photos and videos 🙂

Meet Cruzer! Ridiculously cute, huh?

Mary & Cruzer 🙂

For more photos

Our Cruzer…

John & Cruzer…he’s getting heavier & heavier!

At 8 weeks, already has fetching down!

Cruzer LOVED his little crate…
but he’s already outgrown it!

Ya know puppies LOVE to chew! Poor Tigger!

This is Cruzer imitating a frog

Who couldn’t love this face?

A frequent pose in his new BIG crate.
He loves laying on his back all twisted.

At 10 Weeks…and 1 Day….
he’s a GROWING fur ball!


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2 Responses to “Introducing our Golden Retriever Puppy Cruzer”

  1. Laura Neff - Life Leadership Coach

    *Sigh!* The joy that a young animal companion brings is just irreplaceable. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m so happy for your and John’s new addition, Mary! Cruzer is one lucky boy, and I know the feeling is mutual. Enjoy, enjoy! 🙂

    • Mary Allen

      Thank you Laura! Was just saying this today… Cruzer is an endless creator of joy 🙂 Just so darn fun!! What a sweetheart. MAYBE you’ll get to meet him in Charlotte. Planning to bring him with me to NC in June/July.


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