Stressed? Join me at Inner Peace Immersion Retreat…

I have a confession. Over the last few weeks, I started feeling stressed about my upcoming Inner Peace Immersion Retreat.

Ironic, right?

How can an “inner peace” retreat be anything but peaceful?  It’s especially annoying since I’m known as America’s Inner Peace Coach — and sometimes I buy into the thought that “I shouldn’t EVER feel stressed.” HA!

If you’ve run a multi-day event, you know there are countless details to manage — from filling seats to gathering supplies and fine-tuning agendas — the list is lengthy to say the least.And

my work time isn’t what it used to be!  I’m still breast-feeding 7 1/2 month old twins and of course, we’re also doing solids now — so that “eats” up even more time.  No pun intended. LOL!

On top of all the logistics, I’m also preparing mentally, emotionally and physically for my twins to be under another’s care during the retreat.  Heck, we’re renting a U-Haul so we can lug all our baby gear on site!  Lord knows we’ll need high chairs, exersaucers, a gazillion diapers, and a plethora of other baby gear to create a “home away from home” for my little ones for 5 days — while I’m leading the retreat.

The U-Haul and gear is perhaps the easy part.  My babies haven’t used bottles since before Thanksgiving, so that means I haven’t been away from my babies for more than a few hours. I’m realizing how attached I am!  Will they take bottles again? And how will they sleep away from home?

You get the picture, right?

BUT, here’s what’s cool.

The closer and closer we get to the retreat, the more and more peace is permeating my being.

Strange, but true.

Here’s why.

Naturally, I’m meditating on the content that I’ll be sharing with participants in just 3 short weeks.  And, of course, the retreat is all about connecting and deepening your inner peace and power in any moment.  

Have you ever challenged yourself to “find inner peace in any moment?”  It’s typically one of my favorite practices.  (Although my ego doesn’t always think so, if you know what I mean.)

But, with the pending retreat… it has upped the ante on this practice — challenging me to use ALL my inner peace tools.

One of the most valuable inner peace tools I’ve created is my “12 Facets of Inner Peace.” Unless you’ve attended one of myretreats, you probably don’t know about it.

Essentially, each facet represents a pathway to inner peace.  Any ONE of them can prove effective.  When you start layering the insights from each facet upon the others — as it relates to any moment or situation — the ego doesn’t stand a chance at poo-pooing inner peace.  As long as we’re genuinely open to a shift.

For example, the 11th facet is about “new perspectives.”  As I ponder the gamut of perspectives available to me — my mind discovers fresh ways to see my otherwise “stressful” set of circumstances.

* The right people will be at the retreat.
* I’m already in love with the participants coming.
* The break from the babies is going to be GREAT for me and them!
* My step-mom & dad can handle my two little angels…no matter what.
* Everything IS coming together easily and effortlessly…especially with the help from my team!
* Stress in my life allows me to deepen my connection to inner peace.

The other reason my inner peace is growing as the retreat gets closer is this.  I’m finding myself connecting to the sacred energy at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.  It’s a special place.  It’s an easy place to “drop in” to your center, to deepen that sacred connection to yourself — so that it’s more readily available when you need it.

So, instead of stressing over the upcoming retreat, I’m grateful beyond belief to get to share a sacred experience with others committed to their inner peace.  And I’m welcoming the opportunity to up the ante on my inner peace!  How about you?

Today, we just gave the retreat center our rooming list… and looks like we only have about 16 rooms left.

Is one of these for you?

It’s not too late to register.

Here’s the link where you can find all the information about the retreat. 

Take a few minutes and see if one of the rooms is meant for you.

I’m extending the subscriber only savings of $2000, so be sure to use coupon code FRIENDS at checkout.

You’ll receive $1869 in valuable bonuses immediately.  

The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat is taking place April 17-21st in Joshua Tree, CA.

One more thing…

Last night, a good friend, trying to coordinate her busy schedule to be away from her family, asked about the retreat start and end times.  We begin Wednesday, April 17th in the evening (7pm), so you can still fly in or drive THAT day.  And we’ll wrap up at 1pm on Sunday.  Followed by lunch.  So, you can fly back that day, thoughmany people are staying an extra night to relax before returning home.

If you’re like my dear friend, you don’t treat yourself to time away– for YOU — enough.  While she’s done a fair amount of personal growth work, dedicating 5 days and 4 nights to herself is a big step.  She’s taking the leap, and giving this time and experience to herself, even though it does mean juggling a lot to make it happen.  Maybe you will too.

If you have any questions at all, or want to be sure this retreat is right for you, please email me or my assistant Samantha at

I’d love to have you join us if this resonates for you.  And from the deepest part of my being, I truly know the right people will be there.

Here’s to your inner peace,


PS:  The coupon code FRIENDS is good until the retreat fills, so take a few minutes now — and see if it’s speaking to you.


PPS: More than likely, I won’t be doing another retreat next year, so if this is calling to you — this may be the one for you.

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