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Last month the school shooting rocked emotions. Since then, at least two notable suicides heightened conversation about the prevalence of people’s feelings of hopelessness, anxiety and depression. I learned that, on average, 1 in 5 kids commit suicide. That turns my stomach, as it does for all.

That’s not all. Many, many, many are distraught about children separated from their families after crossing the USA border illegally. And the political climate seems to grow more heated by the day 🙁 And these are just a few of the harsh realities happening in this country.

But, no one is immune. Every home and workplace in America, and around the world, is confronted with challenges and stressors, big and small, every single day. It dilutes inner peace, tests us or can inspire us to dig deeper within ourselves, and find strength, creativity and gumption to dance with life’s surprises with greater calm.

Like you, I try my best every day. Sometimes I feel like I’m riding the wave of life with grace and finesse. Other times, a complete failure and fraud for losing my cool, feeling guilty for not doing more or wanting to give up. Sometimes I feel like a yo-yo 🙂 How about you?

Mary’s Update

Four weeks ago, I broke my foot. I missed one little step, twisted my ankle in heels and went crashing to the cement. Ouch! Hopefully I’ll be done with this rather cozy boot in another 2 weeks. While a sharp message to S-L-O-W down, life with 5 year old twins doesn’t stop when mommy breaks her foot.

AND we’re moving into a new house THIS weekend! LOL! I’m actually super stoked!!! A knee scooter, slow hobbling, generous help from my husband and kids, a wheelchair and friend accompanying me at the kids’ Legoland day LOL!, and those handy motorized carts at grocery stores keep momentum inching along.


I know, small tests compared to many.

Regardless of your current trials and those arising in the world around us, here’s what I know for sure.

The more we keep coming back to our inner peace, strengthening our capacity to find, keep and deepen it — no matter what — the more adequately we can dance with it all. Clarity comes, solutions arise, kindness emerges, and life improves. And if we let it in… joy, happiness and connection triumphs.

Finding Inner Peace in Stressful Times

This week I’m sharing a cool video I created from an article I wrote. We’re so conditioned to feel stress, pressure, and resistance. I want to give you the secret to taking back your life. And four ways to start finding more inner peace, even in stressful times.

If you like it, please forward to a friend who could use a boost in the inner peace department. Thank you, thank you!

NEW Inner Peace on Purpose
Facebook Group is LIVE

Drum roll please…………… I’m delighted to announce my new Inner Peace on Purpose Facebook Group is LIVE, and you’re invited. And it’s 100% FREE. 

I created this private, invitation only forum to be a constant reminder that inner peace is within grasp, even with all this challenge in your life and the world. Together we’ll focus on finding, keeping and deepening inner peace… no matter what.

You can experience exponentially more inner peace.

Whether you have easy access to inner peace or struggle to find it, as we ALL do at times, I’d love your participation.

Each week, I’ll ask questions to provoke dialog about inner peace and its villains, share inspiring stories, quotes, and practical tips. I’ll also host a weekly Facebook Live Q&A addressing your biggest questions about finding, keeping and deepening inner peace in any moment. 

With all the calamities and distress in the world… suicide, mass shootings, political divisiveness, stress, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, parenting and relationship challenges, financial pressure, disease, self-doubt, fear, uncertainty, and daily demands… inner peace can seem impossible.

Yet, mastering our inner calm and helping others do the same IS perhaps the biggest key to addressing each of the significant challenges above.

Inner peace IS possible… no matter what. Let’s prove that together.

Click the HERE to join the Inner Peace on Purpose Facebook Group




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