Inner Peace with The Power of Inner Choice

Want greater everyday inner peace in your life?

My book, The Power of Inner Choice: 12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love offers a personalized “inner peace guidebook” for coaching yourself to greater levels of awareness. Its powerful exercises allow you to INTEGRATE the principles in your everyday lives.

The book is based on 12 choice points. One set of choices is a recipe for frustration, fear and confusion. The other set of choices is a recipe for inner peace, success and fulfillment. Each exercise meets you at your level of development, and challenges you to clear anything and everything standing in the way of your deepest fulfillment.

Study this book and master the exercises, and you’ll soon be loving your life with every cell of your being. It’s that powerful.

Have you read it yet?  If not, it’s time!

Click HERE to order a copy of my book. All orders received through my website are personally signed. This small investment promises exponential inner peace (even if it’s sitting on your coffee table, but it sure helps if you apply the exercises to your life).

If you really want to accelerate the process, you may want to hire me as your coach. I offer two primary ways to work with me in a coaching relationship, and many opt for both simultaneously. I would love to work with you personally.

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