Inner Peace with Momentum

Let me ask you ONE question.

What does every successful and peace-filled human being have in common?

Take your BEST guess…

A)   A Private Jet, Ferrari and a Beach House

B)   LOTS of time spent in a Zen monastery

C)   What? Success AND Inner Peace don’t really co-exist, do they?

D)  A “Sensational Support Structure”

If you guessed D…you’re the lucky winner today!!!!!

The sad truth is… whether you’re already living the lifestyle of the rich and famous – or NOT – you’re probably sorely missing out on that “Sensational Support Structure.”

The vast majority of us are still trying to “do it all” ourselves.

We run on auto-pilot.  Often putting off our more cherished goals and dreams.  Often sacrificing our self-care and inner peace for busyness.

Even folks I know with private jets and beach houses are in desperate need of the kind of “sensational support structure” I’m about to reveal.

So without further ado…

Let me introduce you to (drum roll, please….)


For the next 2 weeks you have the opportunity to “test-drive” this “sensational support structure” AND RECEIVE two free tickets to my Awakening Beyond Achievement Tour.

That’s a $194 bonus.

But, ONLY if you can act quickly.

You’ll be happy to know you don’t have to have a “jet-setter” wallet to afford this “sensational support structure.”
The video will explain everything.

When you see just how affordable this “sensational support structure” is – don’t mistake economics with quality.  There will be many who join “Momentum” who enjoy six and seven figures in their bank account.

Don’t delay…



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  1. Donna Netwig

    I would like to attend the Newport Beach event at the $37.88 price.It wasnt clear to me on your call how to do that without signing up for the monthly program.
    Thank you for the call and I look forward to your response.


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